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A Political Thread pt. 2

I'll never understand why so many people get sucked in by the likes of Farage and Johnson. Farage has absolutely no intention of working in Government and making a difference to people's lives because he knows he'd get found out - just like Boris Johnson was. He just wants to make a living out of mouthing off from the sidelines - just like he did when he was an MEP.

Give it a few years and there will be a clamour for Boris Johnson to come back and save us all from oblivion.
Yeah this is the guy who whined about Britain getting a poor deal on fisheries when he was our representative on the fisheries committee, and couldn't be bothered to turn up.

These people create problems then point to their own problems as if they are someone else's failing and say only they can fix it.
And there it is....Reform promise to leave the ECHR within 100 days of getting elected which of course is going to magically solve the country's problems.
How far we've fallen, from being one of the major driving forces behind the creation of the ECHR and basing it on British law to portraying it was some evil foreign control forced on Britain and used to keep us down.

Had this come through. I know they are campaigning but it's staggering nonetheless.

The headline sums it up. He's a self serving political mercenary. As soon as the election is over he'll be jetting over to the States to be Trump's paid cheerleader ahead of the November election. If Reform ever got close to winning power he'd run for the hills just like he did after Brexit. People like him just make money by inciting fear and hate e.g. him deliberately name checking Albanians.

Even Sunak's "Stop the boats" marketing campaign is just a means of distracting, dividing and sadly it works. There will be many ignorant people in this country who will now lazily attribute the country's problems to asylum seekers crossing the channel on boats all because of the Tories latest three word slogan. Amazing how politicians are willing to cause havoc and division in their own country just so they can hold on to power. It makes a complete mockery of D-Day and Armistice remembrance because I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of freedom and democracy that people died for.
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It was laughable when he was asked on ITV news whether Reforms economic plans had been economically costed and he pointed to the IFS as having done so through Tice.

The IFS had come out saying that Reform's economic plans don't add up and were out by billions. Just put that with he would leave the country if Brexit was a failure.
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Well its Truss fantasy Economics

Not only does not say how he's going to anything (less so than any manifesto) he's also gonna cut funding to tune of billions.

If he were in power it would all explode like it did for Truss. Its really ******* dangerous if he was the official opposition to spout of this garbage once once a week.
Anyone find that the VAT on private schools is a great campaign policy for Starmer. Every time an out of touch middle Englander calls him out on it or the Tories it just points to how out of touch they are with anyone having using the state system and why they don't care if it its working or not because it doesn't effect them.
And will Biden " freeze " again, one wonders ?!
Don't believe that right wing BS. Biden paused to respectively listen to the audience says Jimmy Kimmel who was there.

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Ipsos predicting Farage to beat the Labour candidate by some distance in there latest poll. Absolutely staggering he could be an MP
Clacton is Tories V Reform they'd both destroy labour there.
Clacton is Tories V Reform they'd both destroy labour there.
From the poll yesterday the 2nd place candidate was Labour. Which is even more of a indication of how badly the Conservatives are doing.

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