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Accomodation in Cardiff for Quarter final - 06/Oct


I Bleed Black

Are there local Cardiffites (?) with any suggestions on where to stay on the cheap on the 06/Oct.

I am about to buy a ticket (or two - with one to sell on again) but am having trouble planning the trip from Bradford via London, with out having to spend the night in Cardiff as the game is so late. The tickets aren't cheap and am trying to keep my costs down to a minimum. On top of that most places are well sold out.

So if any one has some good ideas on getting out of Cardiff late at night back to London(game starts at 8pm), or anyone lives in Cardiff and can put me up for the night on the cheap, I would appreciate any offers or suggestions.

If anyone is in Cardiff and is wanting to go the game. I can always purchase two tickets and come to an arrangement on for the second ticket. (Some cash and a place to stay).

Thanks! and sorry of this in the wrong forum location.


Cardiff isnt really a good place to find somewhere to stay on the cheap your best bet is to try and book into a travel lodge or google sta hotels cos they are apparently quite decent.

Actually, I just done some research and theres a Premier Travel Inn for £27 a night. Hope that helps and have a good time in Cardiff mate

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