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Adidas F50.6 tunits




so this is the third pair of boots I'm looking at. They're alright in style, the leather is pretty good quality. but I haven't many rugby players wearing em, what do you think?
there are a couple of ruggers out there wearing these pairs. english players use them. and most notably, carlos spencer has been using them. if i'm not wrong, the shoes are mst prevalent in the guiness premiership. not particularly good pair though. would advise u to go with the "nike mercurial chrome", adidas regulates, flankers n 9-15s, OR use the canterbury boots. they r AWESOME
yea but the t unites 3 in 1 will be better than any of those said above...

personally i would go with vapors, preds, or total 90's..
i bought apair of these tunits and i really regret is. offers zero ventilation to your feet. absolutely nothing. and its pretty uncomfy where the lace shields meet ur lower shins
As I have just said in another post, F50 Tunit's are not quite there yet. These boots contain NO, yes NO leather all synthetic and you may think oh WTF!!! but that is nessisarilly a bad thing. The syntheic is actually very durable and flexable. You should have trouble with it moulding to your feet eather. The thing with it though is yes, zero ventilation and for those stuck in the thought that leather is alwasy better then these wont be for you. Untill the leather versions come out next year (in Austrilazia). Another bad thing is the big Tunit factor isnt all its cracked up to be. They can be a ***** to change over and put new parts in and the new parts are limited to 3 types of sprigs, 3 types of inners but there is an increasing amount of uppers coming to the market so those willing to wait there is good things to come but if not stick to the Adidas Preditors. even if they have to have that wanky kicking weight as part of their inner.
looks too good for a pair of rugby boots... enuf said, stick with your adidas flankers...