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So who is supporting a second team?.

I'm supporting the pumas. :cheers:

I always support the All Blacks and Samoa every RWC..

If they don't win it, I sure hope it ain't Australia, Sth. Africa, or England. So maybe France as my 3rd team.
my second teams will be

South Africa, Samoa, Tonga, USA

although ill be cheering on italy due to my grandad being an italian!
Go the Namibians! Obviously, they won`t get anywhere near the playoffs, just getting to RWC was their ultimate aim. But I`m definately looking out for a couple of their star players to shine, and to improve on their performance in 2003.

Look out for loosehead Kees Lensing, inside centre Hendrik Gerber and lock Dewald Senekal, all 3 excellent players who would grace many a national side at this RWC.

I actually used to play cricket against Senekal, pretty decent medium-paced bowler who played on the domestic club scene in PE a few years back. Plus I`ve still got some family over in Otjiwarongo, Namibia.
My pick for this is gonna have to be Argentina, as they are a team that deserve some credit and play some great rugby, will also be supporting the Irish as I have a huge Irish influence in my life.
My support goes in first place to Ireland. And next goes to the All Blacks... I prefer the way New Zeland plays but there is anything that makes me prefer Ireland...
Argentina when they're not playing us, and then the underdogs in any given game.
I allways like to see any african based nation do well in any world sporting event (*Ghana was THE team to support during the fifa world cup last year *) so yeah Namibia for me too, but really there is just no room for me to support a second team, it's SA all the way, and if we botch it up I really don't care who wins it to tell you the truth :)
Wales, and then when they get knocked out, anyone playing against New Zealand.
Canada. I like watching them in World Cups, they always get stuck in.
Well canada of course as my first choice, hopefully we can have a good showing again this year. This year I really hope the allblacks can take it all this year though, but wouldn't mind seeing france do the same!
Ireland, because of the links between our two countries. Samoa aswell I suppose, I like their physical game plan.

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