Most impressive team?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Karld, Oct 21, 2007.


Team Most impressive?

  1. Argentina

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  2. South Africa

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  3. Portugal

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  4. Georgia

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  5. England

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  6. Fiji

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  7. Other

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  1. màiri

    màiri Guest

    I chose Fidji :cheers: because they play 15 just like seven. They have fun and enjoye themselves! This is RUGBY!
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  3. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Every team that wins a world cup goes through unbeaten, add to the fact of the relative ease SA had to the final, that doesn't sway my vote. England had a very tough run on the back of some very average performances. I'd say Argentina at 1, the England at 2 since no one gave them a chance yet they some how knocked off 2 massive teams on the way to the final.
  4. Klarkash-ton

    Klarkash-ton Guest

    yes, but SA had to beat Argentina in the semis, so maybe their passage wasn't as easy as all that.

    my vote does go to Argentina however.

    Other teams did well, but Argentina lived up to their billing and added some.

    England did great to get to the final, but given their player resources and money, it just makes me wonder wtf they were doing for the rest of their season.
  5. Widget

    Widget Guest

    1st: Argentina.- They played an incredible World Cup, with a very good rugby all the tournament.
    2nd: England.-Really i didn't thought they could reach the final. It was a pity they didn't win at last.
  6. Soulforged

    Soulforged Guest

    I believe that Argentina first, that's for sure. But Georgia had some strong points too.
  7. Tony S

    Tony S Guest

    Even though SA won the Cup. Los Pumas were impressive, somehow we knew what they were capable to achieve but they played a terrific and dazzling tournament.

    Tonga and Georgia surprised me, and Fiji was a delight to see. Finally my congratulations to England for a glorious comeback.

    My vote goes to the PUMAS.
  8. ChuBaKa!

    ChuBaKa! Guest

    Argentina for the heart and the nuts
  9. danroadking

    danroadking Guest

    Argentina, no questions at all
  10. Niue

    Niue Guest

    It's Argentina for me, but I voted Fiji because they weren't expected to do anything this time, and not only did they win 3 matches, their blend of rugby was so easy on the eye, and the matches were all watchable.

    They were a try away from really scaring the eventual winners...
  11. ticius

    ticius Guest

    argentina because they play well and finish in third and portugal because they are the first amateur team in the world cup
  12. watacaweb

    watacaweb Guest

    argentina the best of the world cup
  13. mjrTom

    mjrTom Guest

    well i hope i am allowed to post links here. but i made a little tribute video. please watch and comment right there on google video. oh and please give it 5 stars...because it is definitely worth it.

    if im not allowed to post links like that go ahead and delete this here post and just let me know. thanks
  14. ppitufo21

    ppitufo21 Guest

    <argentina one amateur TEAM that reach the3rd place by lossing only 1 match
  15. I said the Springboks, they got the job done and after finishing bottom of the tri nations for two years in a row to bounce back and win the world cup in remarkable. It was close between the Boks and the Pumas, who also performed above expectations but they had been beating France for year as well as England and Ireland in the last year.
  16. TeddyKGB

    TeddyKGB Guest

    portugal because they are the best amateur team in the world
  17. fmarques25

    fmarques25 Guest

    i voted for portugal lol
    but the best team won the world cup, the boks are a strong a solid team like no other on the tournament
  18. Kum

    Kum Guest

    Certainly Argentina! They really surprised me (especially playing against France).
  19. RC

    RC Guest

    I voted England.

    They did what was needed from them and nobody expected them to go as far as they did.
    Argentina were good, but people expected them to do well.
  20. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I voted England...I think.

    Completely and utterly surprised.
  21. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    Surprised is different then impressed, I was surprised by England but I was hardly impressed...and I think it is well known many think the same....
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