An extreme change?

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by St Helens RLFC, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Tomorrow I will be given the chance to join a Trade Union.

    Shall I join the nasty lefties, or is there no need and should I resist their evil charms? :ph34r:
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! Down with the lazy ******* Lefties!

    Seriously though, all a union creates is mutiny in the ranks and sucks a monthly percentage from your wages. Avoid it at all costs.
  4. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    I would always disagree with the lazy assed lefties wanting everything for nothing, but my dad says they can be useful when you have arguements over pay etc...

    So if you do join, get your money's worth, join in!

  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I thought you said your Labour?
  6. So what? labour are further right than the Tories! ;)
  7. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    When in recent years has new labour been left? Hell Cameron is more left at the moment. Labour are the very much centre.

    May I add, I hate old labour. They are all old uneducated fools with Ricky Tomlinson for a spokesperson. They are the ones who want more money than teachers so it is worth sending there kids to school.

    Oh and on me supporting labour, well there isn't much choice is there? I could not vote and then be a person that I despise, whinging but not voting. So there is Cameron, who is the worst toff ever, with them. The NHS wouldn't exist for all the binge drinkers we have. Or maybe the loony Liberal, with their corporal punishment, gay sex etc..... or labour, who just bum bush? Your choice?

  8. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    This is my political point of view, and I know being a southerner I will get slated but I would personally not vote for Labour in an election.. Labour have had 3 terms to do things they have promised and they have only managed a couple of their promises, the first is ban fox hunting (Leave us country folk to it, we still hunt and let the dogs kill the fox but also then shot it so that we dont break the law, more foxes die....) and the second main one will be Banning smoking, another stupid thing, having never smoked in my life, i feel that smoking is part of the pub atmosphere, yes i do agree with not smoking where food is served or at the actual bar... but smoking is a part of pub culture...
    Also under this government we have seen an increase in Illegal immigrants, and slowly seeing this once great nation turn in to a nanny state... where people cant show the pride of their country cos they may offend someone who doesnt want to be here... Ridiculous, we allow them to where there religious clothing to school, ever thought it may offend a english person, NO cos it couldnt possibly as we would be classed Racist... Sorry going off on one...
    Our Health service is a disgrace, Our Education system is a shambles... bringing in top up fees for students in this country and still keeping the loan system, when if you live in jolly old scotland you get a grant that you dont need to pay back... how is that fair???

    I current government are corrupt, as proven by the latest scandal with the titles for money investigation currently going on, then you have the prime minister and his corrupt bench, he himself is knee deep in things with his free holidays, and his constant ass creeping with George Bush... if his head was any further up bush's arse he would be talking for him....
    Then Mr Two Jags, so busy with his work on the croquet pitch its unbelievable...
    Then we come to our Forces, we are streched fully now, with our troops, Iraq and afghanistan, not a week goes by nowadays without the news of death to a british solider, how many more are going to die in this unjustified war, that is so called over, so that the troops dont get their war pay...

    Right thats my rant over and done with, I could go on for a long time with it, i have yet to mention benefits... but in answer to your question dan, No dont do it...

    *this is entirely the opinion of myself and not's
  9. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    Which Conservative propaganda poster did you copy that from?

    Seriously, did you live in the conservative era? I didn't and I am still living the repurcussions. Thatcher nicked my milk, and made me learn 33 formulas for my physics exam. However if they were still in power I would be complaining more.

    Every political party sucks at the moment, just that labour suck less. However Gordon Brown is a bright light at the end of bush's arse. He hates bush, he is cleverer than Blair, he brought back our economy after the tories landed it in the pockets of an obscure part of Berkshire.

    Anyway, Fox hunting is ****. I only really hate it because of the way it is done. If you shot the foxes like you should, I'd join in. However all that **** with the dogs getting locked up for 7 straight days without food, and the horns and horses is just a part of upper class snobbery and was rightfully outlawed.

    Smoking a part of Pub culture, are you f***ing stupid? Or do not have to wash your clothes after a night out? The **** stinks, it kills and it drains the NHS's money. If it were up to me, I would allow people to extinguish someones fag if they see it fit.

    So you joining the BNP then? Political correctness is a part of the growing world. We don't longer live in one country, we live in pretty much country bar Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and The Lebanon. So you can be ignorant like than Nick guy, but you have to accept the world has changed.

    The education system isn't that bad, I just went throught 12 years of it. I feel ready for the world of work and life. What education is for, is it not?

    Oh and the top up fees, we aren't perfect. Scotland don't have to pay top up fees, but they do take orders from our parliament. Their own taxes only pay for the uni's

    I can't be arsed covering any more, you probably don't like a 16 year old talking to you about politics.

  10. DC

    DC Guest

    you boys seem to forget winston churchill mighty quick.
  11. Sorry BM, have to pull you up about that.

    I agree with you about the smoking (more on that later) but I think this is positively a Communist statement. The BNP comment is somewhat unjustified. I despise this era of political correctness. It is breeding a culture of claim. How dare people come into this country and be offended by me hanging an England flag out of my window in a World Cup year?

    If they don't like it I will pay for their taxi fare to the nearest airport.

    Like you, Thatcher made my life hard as a child, and the mess she made of St Helens causes me fury to this day. I vote labour, best of a bad bunch. But I won't agree with you, I think political correctness is positively evil.

    If they don't like it, the airport is that a way.
  12. And sorry Charlie, I disagree with this.

    My asthma gets so bad when I go out, I just don't bother anymore. Smoking in public is one of the most selfish things you can do because passive smoker is a killer, and it gets to work on me and other people. I hope that this rule is strictly enforced when it comes into play.

    In fact, they should ban smoking in public places, tax smokers more for the damage they cause, and be forced to pay for any NHS treatment for heart, lung and throat problems, as they would all be their own fault, not that taxpayers.
  13. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    St Helens I agree with on political correctness..........what the hell????........what rubbish is this about not being able to put out an English flag outside your window in St Helens????....gee!!!

    Back on topic......the Union can be very helpful indeed when things are looking bad by your employer. If that is the case then join them....if it is not then don't.......

    Teachers here in NZ....almost 90% are Union members......when it comes to getting in lawyers to fight for us it is all paid...into the tens of thousands!!!!!$$$$$$$

    Can you afford your own lawyer in England?
  14. Good grief no GG, expensive business.

    I work for Her Majesty's government, so they're hardly likely to go messing their employees about....
  15. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    And yet you voted for the Labour party.

    Where Kids don't fail and success is Evil.
  16. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    On the smoking part, I am saying that rather than ban it fully there should of been more discussions which allowed pubs to have say Smoking Rooms, which you knew if you were going to be going in there, there would be smoking...

    You say about the millions on the NHS, but what about the BILLIONS of taxes from the smoking industry, they cut smoking down, they lose taxes, the health service still gonna cost money, so where will this money come from the Goverment Taxing me to drive my car to work, when it is the only transport available, buses are a rare thing around here, and a taxi would cost too much and its too far to cycle in, especially in this weather, so the end result means my wages going on running my car...
  17. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    None, these are all my views, financially I have been worse off than ever before this year, even when I was a FT student...

    I must admit that I respect Gordon Brown, and would be a lot happier with him in power than I am with Tony "I Want to be a millionaire" Blair... But feel he is unable to achieve what he could achieve with this country, under Mr Blair, but even if he was made the party leader I still wouldnt vote for him...

    You say high class snobery, when I originally went Fox Hunting when I was 8 years old it wasnt it has only become apparant now, but only in certain hunts... Yes some of the things are wrong and I will admit that but its the tradition of the sport, if you have ever been on the hunt you will know that it is more than just getting the fox... The clothing and the whole parade is brilliant... but I feel it was a pointless law which the Goverment spent Millions of pounds on, that was my main arguement, when they knew that they were never going to achieve anything... They said people caught were going to be prosecuted...
    Please tell me people would you rather have a mass rapist captured and prosecuted or someone who was out fox hunting... or to put it even better would you be happy to wait for the police to turn up to your house, while they are out trying to catch fox hunters... Fox hunting is an Unpoliceable law, thats why it was a pointless law brought in by this government...

    Do the French put up with it, Do the Italian's put up with it, Do the Australians Put up with it my answer is NO... This Country is England, If I want to show my national pride by wearing my England Shirt or having a flag I should be allowed to, why should anyone stop me... but what gives someone the right who sometimes might not be allowed in this country come in and preach about blowing up this country and killing our citizens None at all...
    Also why should we be paying for them to live in this country allowing them to claim benefits in excess of what I earn a year cos they have a hook on their hand... then when the americans want us to extridite him, our government say no cos it could cause racial insite... but its fine to extradite 3 ENGLISH people to America for so called crimes they have commited in this country... Where is the logic in that.... NONE at all....
    I also hate to say when the conservatives were in power at least then I would of been able to afford to come out of uni, and buy a house... Nowadays you need two incomes to even get a rented place... Where I live you will be lucky to find a place under £120k... where the sence there then...

    Now onto Education, you can say what you like but having seen exam papers of todays exams, they are easier than 5 - 10 years ago... but the thing with Education is the money, I work for a college and deal with funding on a daily basis, did you realise that our funding has dropped over 11% in the last 2 years, thats not going to sound a lot but when you consider that is in the millions, that is a lot of money to be losing... This Government Promised when they came into power that every child in the UK would have a laptop computer if they were at secondary school... has that happened NO...
    so you say our education system isnt that bad, yeah its not but its not a patch on what it used to be...

    BM Somethings there are well argued in your post but, you have obviously been brought up in an anti conservative household, otherwise you would of got those views, likewise me I have been brought up in an Anti Labour household... but you wont remember when the conservative were in power being only sixteen...
    My personal point of view is I wouldnt vote for any of the money grabbing ********... but If you dont vote then your opinion is worthless to argue, so I have voted conservative as a median, cos they believe in what i believe in...

    The best bit of advice I have ever been given was by my grandad, he told me that when it comes to voting, vote for the person who you feel is going to put you second, third or forth in the line of their priorities cos none of the ******** are gonna put you before they have looked after theirselves
  18. Oh dear.

    The last Conservative government was voted out on the back of claims from Labour about scandal and sleaze, of which some allegations were true, others more dubious.

    Yet now you seem to have been sucked in by the Labour line that their politicians have done nothing wrong. Best of a bad bunch? Hardly.

    David Blunkett - lost his job due to the first scandal he was involved in, rightly so. Then allowed to regain his position some months later - why? Proved to be of no moral fibre whatsoever and promptly lost his job again.

    John Prescott - how much more does this guy have to do to get sacked? It's a sad state of affairs when the man left in charge when the Prime Minister is out of the country is such a corrupt sack of lies and deceit.

    The Home Office recently introduced a policy whereby companies will be fined if found to be employing illegal immigrants after one warning. I presume the Home Secretary has given himself a first warning then? Somehow I doubt it, taking responsibility for their actions doesn't really seem to be the motto of most Labour politicians.

    This government is in meltdown. The only legistlation produced now appears to be knee-jerk reactions to problems which occur. This simply causes more problems, as the consequences of such policies have clearly not been thought through.

    It is also a government determined to restrict all manner of civil liberties. The country is turning into a place where there are more things you aren't allowed to do than things you are.

    Fox hunting - who was that effecting? Labour simply jumped onto the bandwagon of some pretentious animal rights activists, most of whom probably live in towns and cities. Of course they didn't take note of the fact that many normal people in towns and cities, didn't mind if the hunts continued, and actually recognised the history and use of such activity.

    You seem to despise Conservatism, purely because you see yourself as working class and hate their 'toffery'. Politics has moved a long way, I suggest you don't make such sweeping generalisations that all Conservative MPs and supporters are upper class twits with no idea of the world around them.

    I haven't decided 100% who I will be voting for in the next (my first) election, but it sure as hell won't be Labour.

    But then again I read Private Eye and bleed blue blood, so what would I know...
  19. el_tk

    el_tk Guest

    Wait; doesn't that give you more or less total job security anyway? What do you really have to gain from joining a union?
  20. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    I knew this would happen, arguing with rugby fans from the middle of england. I brought out more tories than I anti-cipated.

    I respect your views, as I know mine aren't all fully justified. However taxes from smoking, what if that doesn't cover the NHS bill? Would it not just be better to not have taxes from smoking, and have a healthier nation?

    Lets see, conservatives and sleazy cover ups. Whats about that guy who went 'nature watching' and those John Major's old fogie.

    Oh and me generalising the tory leadership. Well yes, they are all upper class twits. Every single one of them, maybe not the supporters but the leadership. Fatty Soames is just one of many. The conservatives are coming across as all consuming but as soon as they get into power they strip the country of everything and hand it all to the rich. That what conservatism is, so when they change their party name. I will stop thinking so.

    I still can't get over you think smoking is alright, maybe because I am a bit younger I can object to it more, so when I start drinking properly hopefully smoking is gone.

    Oh and of me being working class, I am far from it. I am very much middle class.

    The only things I do object to now, is what the working class do get. Some aren't even 'working' lazy chav ********. Oh and immigration, thats starting to **** me off. Actually, I retract that bit about political correctness too.


  21. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I tell you what, you go out and earn your own living. You go pay a mortgage with constant rising taxes and the constant threat of a recession. You watch the area you grew up in and love become over run with illegals and little shites because some Scottish c***, who wants to rule England, says they should get more benifits. You watch all your tax money every month get blown on pointless wars or the PM's wives haircuts... or on a f***ing partys election campaign who you don't even want to vote for.

    Once you've lived in the real world for a while instead of under mummy and daddys roof, protected from everything and only spouting "I love Labour" because your dad does and you live in the North.

    Then after you finally realise how far down the pan England has gone since 1997, only then can you comment on the real f*** up Blair and his "Democratic Socialists" have or havn't made.

    ^^How apt, it's true.
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