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Anyone a bass fan?



if you are then have a look at these videos of my mate playing his bass on youtube.... hes rather good!

Bass Videos

Comments would be most gratefull, please let me know what you think


Prefer cod myself.

Really though, I play rythm (badly) so I don't know anything about the Bass.
Not really a bass player either but I do know that bass line doesn't exactly look hard to play at all.

I'm a guitarist and that is much harder to play with vairety beyond bass standard!

But I think he has potential and attempting some harder bass riffs could improve his skills.
The can't stop one is good. It's clean.. A bit out of time in places.. But he is quite clean in all of thje videos.
That ******* Teh Mite beat me to the punch...
I had all these jokes about bass fishing and stuff too...shame.
Well, good on ya for being a brilliant person like me, Mite.
Orion by Metallica - see if he can play it the way Cliff Burton did it (Not like that stupid Mexican they have on bass now, come back Jason, COME BACK!)

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