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Can A Tiger Kill A Lion?

Sir, this is a Wendy's.

Your tired sarcasm from The Office doesn't apply here. The link is to a legitimate article by Victoria Simpson for World Atlas. You'd know that had you actually read it.
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I love big cats. Don't understand why they need to fight off against each other. They have their own little kingdoms. It's only man who had infringed on their turf and is the problem.
I love even small cats :D cats are perfect (regardless of their size) : beautiful, graceful and capricious.

Tigers, despite their best efforts, failed to kill different Lions

So it's 1-1

Can Munster kill Lions?
Are we talking just about killing? or can we broaden it to beating??

Because the Bangladesh Tigers have beaten the England Lions a couple of times in the past... And it wasn't a quick meal either, it spanned over 5 days...

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