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Anyone see that superbowl?

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i had to stop watching it at half time, found it boring, then my mates told me that the second half perked up. oh well, yeh, go on giants!
great game - what an upset.

Patriots' perfect season dreams smashed by the Giants defence and Eli Manning's scrambling plays.
Gutted I wanted Pats to go for the perfect season and 4 superbowls in 7 years but good on the giants they pulled out 10 wins on the road to get and win the superbowl its the beauty of sports underdogs tipping up the form guide
i got bored and fell asleep! after all it was on pretty early in the morning and i had to get up for uni the next day...
This thread is not going any where, plus there's another topic that's already hosting talks about the superbowl in the 'How about em patriots' thread.

Not open for further replies.