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Ashes first test


St Helens RLFC

Well, today's the day. Will a much improved England team be able to claim their first win at Lords since God knows how long? Will the trash talking reach new levels?

Discuss in here.
I honestly want England to win, however I don't think they will. They will come closer than we did, because we were disgraceful in the tests. I think this test will go to the Aussies on day 5 and maybe the Poms to take the second, but Aus to win the series.
Well now I'm dividing each test into it's own thread - makes things easier for everybody.

Brilliant start by Harmison. HARM being the key word
Brilliant, well done Hoggard, bowled Hayden straight through the gate.
This is exceptional from England - the Aussies are 55-2 and Harmison is bowling brilliantly.
Absolutely superb stuff from England - Hayden, Ponting, and now Langer back in the Pavillion after just an hour and a half of play.
Mate we can watch the game on television, we don't need your commentating bullshit. We have Richie Benaud for that.
Gilchrist - move your feet! That's absolutely abysmal foot movement for a batsman as good as he is.
Holy crap what a first day, was working so missed most of the action but the first time I heard Australia were 97-5 and next I hear England are 25-5, some first day.
ah i missed this thread earlier and posted in the other one oh well found it now. very interesting first day with lots of wickets falling.
How long do you lot reckon the tail can hang about. Hoggard may be able to do a job
Whats the story with the pitch? As I don't have Sky I am missing out on possibly the best series of the Decade.

Edit: Wow! just checked the teams scorecard and damn both teams specialist batsmen failed leaving it for the tail to add respect to the score.
Originally posted by St Helens RLFC@Jul 22 2005, 01:40 AM
Australia 190 all out. Fantastic bowling display.
7-92...........an even better bowling display

"oooh ah GLEN McGRATH"

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