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Australia in New Zealand

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Australia in New Zealand 2005
Feb 2005:
17 BLACKCAPS v Australia (Twenty20 international) Auckland
19 BLACKCAPS v Australia (1st ODI) Wellington
20 Reserve Day
22 BLACKCAPS v Australia (2nd ODI) Christchurch
23 Reserve Day
26 BLACKCAPS v Australia (3rd ODI) Auckland
27 Reserve Day

Mar 2005:
2 BLACKCAPS v Australia (4th ODI) TBC
3 Reserve Day
5 BLACKCAPS v Australia (5th ODI) Napier
6 Reserve Day
10-14 BLACKCAPS v Australia (1st Test) Christchurch
18-22 BLACKCAPS v Australia (2nd Test) Wellington
26-30 BLACKCAPS v Australia (3rd Test) Auckland
NZ twenty/twenty squad has been named.

New Zealand squad: Stephen Fleming (captain), Nathan Astle, Mathew Sinclair, Scott Styris, Hamish Marshall, Craig McMillan, Chris Cairns, Brendon McCullum, Daniel Vettori, Andre Adams, Jeff Wilson, Kyle Mills, Daryl Tuffey.

been bit wet over the last few days in auckland so hopefully it clears in time for the twenty/twenty game
I havn't really been watching it but I saw Kasper take three quick wickets. How gay are those Kiwi jerseys!
I found that game really entertaining. Looks and sounds as if they will become a regular fixture on tours, but hopefully will remain as one-offs (ie one 20/20 per tour).

The underarm was quite funny, in the last overs they did I was thinking it would be funny if they did it.
yeah the hair was great to bad the kiwi bowling wasn't and let aus get away with the game. The batting not good bad shots by Sinclair , MacMillian and Cairns cost nz the game really. 20/20 great game very entertaing and good to start tours off with but 50 over games are still were it is at for the whole package imo
Wilson... think he's got it? Personally, i'm not sure. Have to wait for the ODI's as that was a bit of a slog'a'thon.
Wilson don't know yet I am still undecided in a full 5 over game would be good to see what he can do as he really had no hope in this game to do much. Well my opinon is that game was quite good lots of boundaries very entertaing for the crowd, kiwis looked rusty batting and bolwing got the lines all wrong and allowed aus to get too many runs (30 off one tuffey over) batting not flash execpt for McCullum and styris everyone else played bad shots sinclair first ball tries to smash it for 6 also cairns played a bad shot early on as well. Aus bowled much better bowled lots of yorkers and put pressure on the nz batsmen and ponting i think out thought fleming used 2 spin bowler symonds and clarke nz battters found them hard to hit and also save mcgrath and lee to bowl at the end.
**** bowling by Tuffey at the end. 30 of 1 over, probably the losing of the game. Ponting played brilliantly, lets not take that away from him. It was his good batting that forced the bowlers to change their line and lengths, trouble is nobody was bowling the right line and length in the first place.
That 30 off one over was phyco. Who was the bloke with the huge hair? I don't know how he could fit it into his helmet.
Umpires are ruining the first ODI. A f***ing joke. Also, why does Fleming persist with bumping Cairns up the order? He is not a friggen number 4 / 5. Give him 10 overs at the end and let him rip. Drop Sinclair, drop Tuffey, kill Bowden.

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