Australia V England

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by timmyhoran, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. esoj

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    fair play to england they got the job done and knocked the wallabies out.
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  3. LOL what was that tuquiri was saying about only one world class player?? what does that make the ausse team then?

    wilko missed a few pens, catt knocked on just b4 the line, we were camped many times in the aus 22 and came back with nuthin... imo we shud have won the game by more

    aus never really got into the game and looked shell shocked in the first 5 when they suddenly realised those pre match comments had awakened a very nasty pack indeed...the front five completely s.hi.tted all over the aussie powder puffs and when u saw Shaw providin neat inside passes to robbo it was obvious eng came to play

    feel sorry for rees but i think moody has secured the 7 jersey now

    on to the frenchies inthe semis now...tbh we got a better chance of beatin the frogs than we wud have the chokers, but i am still not that confident....i wasnt to happy to c the post match reactions of the players, its liek wed won the it to the argies when they beat france on the openign nite and the reaction was more like they expected the victory...i hope we havent blown our load to early!! that sed we know Frances game and they know ours....see u on sat <_<

    to gregan..four more years..four more...oh ooops forgot
  4. As much as I dont like England, I'm glad Australia arent going to win it. So well done England!
  5. Dddooommm123

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    i cant beleive this i was expecting more there was no intensity and passion that i could see in the australians, mainly the fowards. it seemed that the moment got to them. we got outplayed rucks, SCRUMS, and england even stringed in backline play. England were better

    poor mortlock he must be so disapointed in himself but he shouldnt he tried his hardest we got nothing upfront. its sad i would of loved to see larkham play 1 more time.

    i dont think i can forgive dunning after this his gone. shaw moody all the fowards in fact, catt robinson ... all of england basically played their hearts out.

    most of the australian fowards were non existant i saw them lumbering around at the start of the game while england were giving their all!! it was absoloutley horrible to watch i feel sory for larkham, latham and gregan
  6. mackka

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    We just got too arrogant, concentrating on smashing the England midfield but forgetting that you have to win the breakdown first. Palu's break int he second half summed up the entire match for me. Cliffy made a good 15-20 metre break then the only player anywhere near the breakdown for a good 5 seconds was Gregan. Not a forward in sight. They were probably all seagulling out on the wing hoping to score the match-winning try. Too bad the English actually remembered that you need the ball to score.
    That's not to take anything away form England. Their forwards played very well, but to be fair Australia never came to the party. No intensity at the breakdown.
  7. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I'm not going to gloat. Not at all.

    *everyone looks at his Forum avatar*

  8. aussie_pride

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    As an Australian, I can honestly say Im glad we lost this game because I think it will finally give the establishment the wake up call it needs about how things need to change. Call me a pessimist but for the last 12 months I think Australians were made to live under this false cloud of hope that we actually stood a chance at winning the world cup. For mine, we were nowhere near it and the writing was on the wall in the pool stages. Against the likes of Canada, Fiji and Wales our scrummaging weakness was badly exposed and I think we tried to cover it up rather than genuinely fix it. Now the problem lies with Dunning, who I think should be dropped. I think Rodney Blake and Greg Holmes are two players that we need to develop and from this very moment thats what we should be focusing on. Dunning's discipline and scrummaging ability are severely lacking but the real issue is that our front row doesnt know how to work cohesively. Stephen Moore looks lost and Guy Sheperdson seems gung-ho on doing what he wants to do rather than communicating with his front row partner.

    Problem number 2 lies in our backline. Alot of you guys arent going to like what Im about to say but I believe both Gregan and possibly Larkham should have been dropped 18 months ago. I would have kept them in the team as experienced squad players, but their days in the starting XV were over. The reason being that neither one of those players are organizers who can set up our backline and execute set plays to perfection. I think our backline really lacks a player of that nature. Gregan is or was a fine distributor and Larkham has individual brilliance but neither one of them has a commanding presence over the backline. Sam Cordingley and Matt Henjack are probably the two best candidates but their focus should be on organization - that why Matt Burke was so valuable at full back because he could organize the team. Barnes is still young but I dont think he looks like a controller. His execution is terrific for his age but he doesnt have a commanding presence. While we are blooding these youngsters...recalling Matt Burke to improve this issue may not be such a bad move.
  9. Haj

    Haj Guest

    Ha ha ha ha!! recalling burkey wouldve changed nothing!

    Apart from that i agree with evrything else u have said.
  10. aussie_pride

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    True. Maybe we still would have lost and maybe we would still lose with him but at least we would have a commanding presence. He would be like a Gareth Thomas or a Percy Montgomery
  11. DavesOnDrums

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    True. Maybe we still would have lost and maybe we would still lose with him but at least we would have a commanding presence. He would be like a Gareth Thomas or a Percy Montgomery

    No one with a name like Gareth or Percy could ever be commanding.

    You lost.

    And you lost hard.

    It's great, 3:20am here, and with the time time difference I know you lot are waking up gutted, so satisfying after you your lot slagged us for weeks.
  12. Maccaweeny

    Maccaweeny Guest

    Was there a point to that post, or are you trying to be a **** stain?
  13. Fantastic. All we've heard about is how apalling England are and, to be honest, I agreed with it.

    Oh me of little faith. Thank god for the Aussies bottling it and us playing like a team for once. I'm not sure this was our final, I'm sure they've got a better performance in them.

    We had no real cutting edge in the backs today, Wilko was off form, but they're looking like a team. Incredible when you think what we were like against SA.

    France are in the driving seat for the SF, It'd be nice to see a bit of rain, see how they react. I think they may be concentrating on revenge and abig score, like oz, rather than winning the game, so let's hope they do themselves in,


    "the british lion has been unleashed"

    commentators are scabs
  14. AllezWasps

    AllezWasps Guest

    I also want to say well done Gregan. He hasn't been on top form recently, but he has been great for the Wallabies for a long time, giving everything and being a great character. I will never forget the day after the 2003 final where Qantas had an advert with Gregan looking ****** off with the title: You Made Our George Cross.
  15. big harty

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    well done england badluck ozzies
  16. Brodizzle

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    Please please, I hope the knives are drawn to take off a majority of the team, really really bad performance, we need to rely on spark and not the memories of the past...looks like with the AB's losing we won't be able to lure Robbie Deans over as coach either :(
  17. Mr. Laxative

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    Congratulations to England. It is certainly very unfortunate for the Australians but we were completely outclassed. I can't believe Drew Mitchell wasn't selected as he looked good when he was brought on...

    Well that's it really. I'm still quite shocked and just don't have anymore to say. Good work England, and so too France!!

    Now, though with NZ and Australia out it is time for Argentina to make a huge statement and win this tournament. They need an annual tournament like the Tri Nations and if they can win the cup SANZAR will need to have a serious look at themselves.
  18. Bullitt

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    That is all.
  19. John Bull

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  20. Prestwick

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    I will say this to all Australians out there.

    For the love of god, get a damn forwards coach who can do the scrum properly!

    Seriously, you really, really, really can't go on with this quasi 13 man, rugby league "we dun need naw scrums there cobbler" kind of game! Teams like South Africa and and England will just pummel you for it.

    I think it might be time for Australia to look abroad to get a decent forwards coach in, because the current one has simply failed.
  21. Bullitt

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    C'mon Pete, this is a nation which thinks Matt Dunning is a good prop by being a lazy fat f***er alone.
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