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Availeble sponsorships for individuels

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Hy Everybody

How many times last season did your team drop the ball only to have the opposition take possession and score a try?

VH Sports Ltd have acquired the European Distribution rights to the USA's number one American sports glove. The Talon glove has been designed for Rugby sports professionals utilising Cutters Technology.


The glove has the ability to stick to a rugby ball like no other product available in the market place. The feedback we have received from players that have tried out its awesome grip has been astounding. The glove even gives 100% performance in wet conditions. Given the recent weather we have all experienced in Europe the Talon Rugby Glove should be standard issue for your team.

This is a match winning piece of kit that no team serious about winning should be without.

We would be pleased to discuss sponsorships for individuels .

If you are interested please either call us or reply to this mail with your name and contact details.

Get a grip !

[email protected] hope to hear from you soon

kind regards
Dilan and Gary

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