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Bath or "The masochists guide to rugby"

On my way to work in London this morning I saw a guy with a Bath rucksack and dragging an England case with the BMW logo. Didn't get a great look and initially thought Orlando Bailey, but maybe the BMW sponsorship ended before his time with the u18s. If not him then possibly Josh Bayliss - obviously fly halves and back rowers look the same these days. Does either wear glasses off duty?

Also is Gabe Goss any good? Just realised that I played some rugby alongside his Dad back in the day.
brackets are "University scholars"
Do you know what that entails? Bath Uni students who are available to be selected for Prem Cup games and the like (like a more formal version of Tigers/Loughborough Uni and Exeter/Exeter Uni?)
I absolutely reserve the right to be wrong, but...
I think they're "proper" academy kids, but who are noted as still being in full-time education, so that bit less training, that bit further from selection for the club (but keep an eye out for them in BUCS).
I'm not sure though.
Looks like Will Stuart is just the first of 10 (re)signings to be announced by Bath over the next 2 weeks

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