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Best game of 2017

Five Meters Out

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Apr 23, 2015
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Very subjective but for me the best game of 2017 was the Lions tour opener vs The Heartland XV in Whanagrei.
Why? - The Lions tour had been so hyped, they'd finally arrived, big things expected. First game, a throw back to a bygone era, up against a bunch of local lads who still work as farmers, mechanics and bank tellers and go to practice Tuesday and Thursday night. Biggest game of their lives and didn't they make the most of it.
I spent the whole game going, "surely they can't keep this up?" - but they did. They lost, but that was almost a part of the script. "Brave battlers go down fighting to the last."

So go on - find me a better game than that one, this year.
Scotland v Samoa
Lions v New Zealand (2nd test)
Australia v New Zealand
The three stand outs that I've seen this year
Ohh wait my favourite game was Germany v Romania where Germany won totally unexpected 41-38

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