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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by GetMoney818, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. GetMoney818

    GetMoney818 Guest

    Im about 5'7, 17 years old. 180 lbs

    great hands and i can kick pretty well. im kinda slow but good at short distances
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    How sizeable are you're props? Do you relish a tough hard contest? Hooker might be the position for you...

    Or how about scrum-half? Having great hands is exactly what a #9 needs and a pretty good boot is a terrific added extra. Box kicks would become an integral weapon in your arsenal.

    If you can get away with not being lifted (because you're a tad short), maybe the back row (6,7,8) is you're place to be. Whilst you may be slow over long distances, if you're pretty handy at short distances then you'd probably be fine.
  4. Corywalker

    Corywalker Guest

    Im 5'7 1/2, 16, and 175 lbs, and I play hooker for my school team, and played prop last year for my regional team (Technique over size for me). If you're slow, thats fine, as long as you have good fitness (every player should, yes, even props!) and can play the 80 minutes (or most of them) at your strongest. Hookers are a 3rd prop while scrummaging, and a 4th loosie in open play, so you have to quite versatile... you'll have to find a technique to get to those rucks without tiring yourself.
  5. bizzler

    bizzler Guest

    You could play fly half, obviously you need to be able to kick there and have good hands to unleash your backline. You wouldn't need to be that quick there, but speed over short distances would help breakaways.

    If you think you could create and run a backline then 10 may be the position for you.
  6. jyp94

    jyp94 Guest

    scrum half, not too much running involved and handling is key
  7. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    sounds like you ought to be a scrum half.

    be a hooker if you've got a bit of a belly on you and you like a scuffle.
  8. minichez9

    minichez9 Guest

    im a scrum half and you dont run that much and you just ofload it its gr8 fun

    im a scrum half and you dont run that much and you just ofload it its gr8 fun
    you just need handling abilities because if you have rubbish handling you cannot pass it well
  9. melon

    melon Guest

    im a scrum half and you dont run that much and you just ofload it its gr8 fun [/b][/quote]
    jyp, don't listen to minichez. A decent scrum half will run with the ball when the opportunity arrises, as well as kick.
  10. darknasty

    darknasty Guest

    Srum Half is a good shout but the key is you find a position whre you can paly at your level and enjoy it all.
  11. stuc

    stuc Guest

    the best position is centre to my mind !!!
  12. rodri_arg91

    rodri_arg91 Guest

    I think that the best two positions in rugby are fullback and flanker...
    you play a big role in the game, it's always fun

    Maybe you could play as a centre, i dont know if you are a good tackler or not, but you could practice that and also practice some sprinting skills. cheers mate
  13. You can play scrumhalf or flyhalf, but you need to develop great reading of the game and a very wide range of sight. They're great positions (not my personal favorites, but you might enjoy them). The important thing is that you enjoy the game.
  14. Markg

    Markg Guest

    well.. No 7, Flanker, Loose Forward. I mean you can do anything right? you can join the ruck maul, cant be bothered getting there, just join in with the centres
  15. nick_w

    nick_w Guest

    You have pretty much the same stats as me, and I'm a scrum half. Its a good position because you have a good control of the game, you run the show along with the fly half, and you can be a mouth prick as well.

    You just need to be an opportunist, if you see a gap, don't think about it, go for it. Thats what makes a good SH in my opinion. Anyone can learn to box kick and have a rocket pass, but that air of clinical thinking is something which sets you away from the pack.

    Defo SH in my opinion.
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