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Blackout Rugby




I recomend you all to give this a go if you haven't signed up for it, basically an online rugby manager game where you manage your own team. Much like battrick and hattrick. The game is really good so far.

Give it a go!
Cheers for telling us about it.

It sounds good! i have signed up just a word of warning check your spam box because the verification code turned up there. <_<

My Team is the cleveland steamers RUFC. :D

Now to figure out how this works. :)

It seems rather easy to set up........my first fixture is on the 19th. :)
I really recommend you giving it a go peoples, its a rugby manager game. Set up your own team and the lineup, play against others. Its gonna be awesome so its best getting a team as early as possible.

Would be good to get some members at the forum, need ya help!
yeah this game looks superb. still wish that you could see, at least wheither they were a foward or back, but oh well, looking foward to it.
we should try and get a trf comp going...

Yeah, I was just thinking that. We'll have to see if they make that a feature, to create your own tourney. That would be a blast.
Just getting to grips with deciding whos suitable for which position which is really :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

How do I say, send friendly match challenges to you guys, and not those in my league?
Yeah, I've signed up for it too and I see there is no way of telling who plays in what position than to make some kind of educated guess based on their stats.

EDIT: WOO! I won my first game 35 - 12!
yeah i won my game 5-0. would have been more if i knew that i had to go to next lineup rather than the defult lineup to choose my lineup for that game.
I noticed that my chosen number ten was absolutely pants at kicking but great at everything else like speed, agility and attack and I noticed my number 13 wasn't that special except in his speed and his kicking so I swapped them round.

Also, I'm making sure I'm putting together a good pack and training them in stamina.
At 51:16, I'm up 17-0, but my best player so far just got hurt. Hopefully I can still pull it out. It's cool watching the live stats. This game is hella fun.
Sweet, I won, 32-5! Fun game to play/watch.

Do I get a bonus point for scoring 4 tries? :)
I won 50-0.

Its an awesome game. I wish you could see your Junior Squads stats though.

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