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Blues Selection Issue


jake the mus

Who is Nucifora gonna pick for his backline?
with ice and sammy back from injury and tony and mcalister playing really good rugby there are some tough choices to be made. unless he does this.

not many people rate tuitupou as a 13..id like to see him there but the thing is..people like to type him as a compact midfielder..not an expansive one meaning he is best used in tight play..in the midfield hitting gaps off short balls from the 10 and 13...they dont rate his long range passing game that well..the funny thing is tho he use to be the 1st 5 for kelston boys grammer..the team that had sione lauaki,steven bates and muliaina of the chiefs...and tuialii of crusaders..this was when graham was head master at that school....and they won the highschool championships nationally and internationally..

so it would be recognised alot that he has an above average passing game..


with pisi and atiga on the bench...i know they would most likely go with howell in there somewhere..seeing that he knows the anes better then anyone else on the blues team...

but the way this team is built is quite fantastic tho...

necewa plays 10 - 15
mccalistair plays 10 and 12
pisi play fullback and wing
toeava plays everywhere barring wing..although hes notable speed to do so
and tuitevake plays 12,13 and wing..and they all play these differnt positions consistantly and considerably well

Sammy will be outplayed at 13 by Tana. Best to leave Tuitavake there and I would also like to see an unchanged lineup. Have both Sam & Ice on the bench and bring them on as power players in the last 20mins.

P.S: I would also like to say for the record here that Gibson should be shot.
Why is Gibson still starting ffs.

He pretty much gave away 2 tries against the Crusaders, and I'm just glad he didn't give any away to the Brumbies.

Is Gibson starting cos Nucifora wants to make him a George Gregan?
It's a policy of his to select at least one d!ckhead per season. Last year it was Lavea, this year it's Gibson's turn. :wall:
tuitavake on the wing again. david smith starting for the canes marking howlett.

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