Blues vs Hurricanes Play by Play

Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by Mehrtsisagod, May 16, 2008.

  1. Mehrtsisagod

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    Final Score: Auckland Blues 19 - 17 Wellington Hurricanes

    Blues Tries: Boric Blues Conversions: Evans Blues Penalties: Evans 4 Hurricanes Tries: Gear 2 Hurricanes Conversions: Weepu 2 Hurricanes Penalties: Weepu Venue: Eden Park

    2nd Half 79:00 - Ripia attempts two more drop kicks in a last ditch effort to win the game

    2nd Half 77:30 - Ripia has a go at a drop kick with the field position but puts it to the left

    2nd Half 76:30 - Nacewa kicks out on the full, giving the Hurricanes great field position for attack

    2nd Half 75:00 - Aggressive defence pays off for the Blues with a good turnover midfield

    2nd Half 72:00 - Frantic stuff here! The Blues kick downfield to try and slow the game down a bit

    2nd Half 68:00 - Defence seems to be the key tonight with both teams having solid defence in this second half

    2nd Half 64:30 - Blues scrambling defence does very well to stop Nonu from getting over the line

    2nd Half 64:00 - Just as the Blues look good the Hurricanes get the ball and Ripia runs 70m and offloads to Nonu

    2nd Half 60:30 - Nonu is penalised for a high tackle and Evans' attempt at goal goes straight through the middle

    2nd Half 57:30 - Thrush does well to steal the Blues lineout and give the Hurricanes good attacking position

    2nd Half 54:30 - Hurricanes defence does well and Weepu clears to get them out of the danger zone

    2nd Half 53:00 - Blues have a scrum 5m out from the Hurricanes try line and will be hoping to get some points

    2nd Half 51:00 - Blues have camped on the Hurricanes try line and the Hurricanes defence holds up well

    2nd Half 47:30 - TMO in action again here with Kaino crossing the line this time. Kaino is ruled to be in touch

    2nd Half 46:30 - TMO cannot see, so rules inconclusive and held up

    2nd Half 46:00 - Smith crosses the line and the ref has gone to the TMO to see if it has been grounded

    2nd Half 44:00 - The Blues get a free kick centre field and choose a scum which is in a good attacking position

    2nd Half 41:20 - Evans puts the pressure on the Hurricanes with a kick right into the corner of the field

    2nd Half 40:01 - Evans kicks off to get the second half underway

    1st Half 40:00 - Half-time and the Hurricanes lead 17-16 in what has been an entertaining match

    1st Half 39:00 - Evans takes the penalty from out wide to get the Blues within 1 point of the Hurricanes

    1st Half 38:00 - Smith gets a good break, chip kicks and is taken out. Ellison is given a yellow card for the offence

    1st Half 35:00 - Blues get a penalty and Evans kicks to close the gap to only 4 points

    1st Half 31:00 - Weepu takes and gets the penalty to give the Hurricanes 3 more points

    1st Half 30:30 - Williams is given a yellow card for not rolling away after the team being given an earlier warning

    1st Half 28:00 - The game is really beginning to open up with the Hurrianes hot on attack

    1st Half 24:00 - Evans gets the two points by nudging it in off the right upright

    1st Half 23:30 - Blues strike back with Boric running over the Hurricanes defence from 10m out

    1st Half 21:00 - Weepu adds the extras 10 in from the sideline

    1st Half 20:00 - Gear charges down a clearance kick and gets his second try in as many minutes

    1st Half 19:00 - Weepu gets the extras to give the Hurricanes the lead

    1st Half 18:30 - What a try! Gear finds space and slices up the middle of the field to score under the posts

    1st Half 15:00 - Blues lose it in the tackle and the Hurricanes get a good counter attack to run 70 meters up field

    1st Half 11:00 - Blues are putting the Hurricanes back three to the test with the high balls

    1st Half 07:15 - Evans slots it in to put the Blues in front 3-0

    1st Half 07:00 - Pressure shows and Evans gets a shot to put the first points on the board for the Blues

    1st Half 04:00 - Hurricanes lose their own lineout ball and the pressure remains on the Hurricanes from the Blues

    1st Half 01:30 - Evans drills the ball down field and gains much good territory to put the pressure on the Hurricanes

    1st Half 00:00 - Welcome to Eden Park where we are in for an epic battle that many are calling a quarter final
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  3. Jer1cho

    Jer1cho Guest

    Absolutely nailbiting game!!! And i was routing for the Blues all the way!!!! Now both the Stormers and the Sharks have a chance of finishing in the top 4 together!!!! Now the Reds just have to do their part!
  4. ChiefsFan

    ChiefsFan Guest

    As long as both the Stormers and the Waratahs lose, and the Chiefs beat the Sharks by more than 30 points (also, neither Stormers or Waratahs can get BPs) the Chiefs have an easy run in to the Semis :D
  5. Mehrtsisagod

    Mehrtsisagod Guest

    Yeah it's all down to the Waratahs, Stormers & Sharks. With the Chiefs a remote chance if the Waratahs lose by more than 7 and the Chiefs can get a massive point difference agains the Sharks which I don't see happening.

    My predictions are based on the 4 try bonus.
    1 Crusaders 56 or 57
    2 Waratahs 43
    3 Stormers 42
    4 Sharks 42
  6. I would be surprised if the Sharks can get the 4 try bonus point, they have only had two this season and against a Chiefs side still in with a mathematical side it wont be easy.

    Feel sorry for the Canes, sounds like they chucked that game away, they deserve to make the semis more than the Sharks and Blues imo.
  7. noikz

    noikz Guest

  8. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I was at this game and both teams looked out of sorts. They both looked like they didn't deserve to make the semis.

    Go the Crusaders!
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Great news for the Tahs. Just have to make sure they keep things together against the reds and they'll have a home semi.
  10. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    Again the Hurricanes like last week failed to finish off their tries but it was a massive defence by the Blues. Hope the Waratahs, Sharks and Stormers lose.
  11. bjok

    bjok Guest

    Good call Gay Guy. What an ill disciplined load of rubbish. Nail biting perhaps but also bordering on amateur. Neither deserve to be seen again this season. Looks like a shoe in for the mighty Crusaders. Go Leon.
  12. Good call Gay Guy. What an ill disciplined load of rubbish. Nail biting perhaps but also bordering on amateur. Neither deserve to be seen again this season. Looks like a shoe in for the mighty Crusaders. Go Leon.

    Gay guy? BJ OK? Sounds pretty kinky.

    But whatever your sexual preferences are, I have to agree with you. Canes and Blues have been very average. Crrusaders will finish with 56 0r 57 points. Definitely the best team in the competition. Go scotty, go leon.
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