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Aug 21, 2023
We have a plan - Breaking news - England RFU in talks with Argentina RFU

Steve Borthwick is calling on
Les Cusworth at 69 years young to come out of retirement and Miraculously play and coach for England at the World Cup
Steve said - "what's age it's just a number "

" We need to go back to basics and focus on improving our back division kicking game" ……."it's incredibly important to know how to catch, pass, kick , run and tackle…….in no particular order "

It's much easier to "Unlearn the forwards" he said.

"With this is mind - young players with little experience who have a tendency to attack with flair - when they should know better with kicking a much better option - like Marcus Smith for example -can sit on the bench - 'learn how we play our game plan ', get 9 to ten minutes of game time -
"which will PROVE INVALUABLE as they approach retirement " he said

Steve said players have to " unlearn everything they do week in week out for their clubs and play to the teams plan to really tap in to the basics of the game and entertain the passionate fans"
"One thing We can guarantee is passion and entertainment"

"We are probably one of the best catching teams in the world now " the more we kick the ball to the opposition they kick it back to us and we get better and better at catching

"You saw what happened when we tried to pass the ball against Wales when kick and catch was a much better option" 23 handling errors in that game - so yes Steve has a great point here.

This new model of coaching is called " The great unlearning " he said - "we have to " Unlearn" to learn what we learnt , Unlearn it and adapt to new learning" simple !

"we haven't had much time together as a group to completely unlearn everything " he said " but as you've seen we are making progress and we ask the fans to be patient so the players can Unlearn everything."

Asked if he was concerned that referees were not adapting to this style of play with a record number of red cards and player bans Steve said " it's an inevitable part of the great unlearning " we are confident that it's for the greater good of the team as a whole and we have a multitude of players that he's coached in the past who already have a good grip on the "Unlearning"

By the time we are at the World Cup we can guarantee we be close to forgetting everything we once knew
Borthwick known for his attention to detail is confident that this is achievable for France2023 World Cup 🇫🇷 in 18 days time

Sounds like a Simple plan right ?

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