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Brian Lara Cricket to be resurrected on PS2

With the ICC Champions Trophy just getting underway over in England, Codemasters has announced that it has signed a new deal with Brian Lara, the West Indian captain, to headline a return for the renowned cricket video game series.
As one of cricket's greatest ever players and one of video gaming's biggest sports icons (for PAL territories, at least), the licence will see Codemasters publish Brian Lara International Cricket for PlayStation 2 in winter 2005.
Acclaimed by many as the definitive cricket game series, the new game comes ten years after Codemasters launched the original Brian Lara game and over five years since the series appeared on any platform.
Brian Lara International Cricket will deliver all the atmosphere and excitement of major international cricket, in One Day, Tests and Tournaments, and have the perfect balance of gripping gameplay whether batting, bowling or fielding.
"It's great to be back working with Codemasters again," said Brian Lara, "I've always been proud of my association with the games I'm often asked if a new one was coming. Codemasters always does a great job in capturing the essence of cricket and I know they've brought me, and the sport in general, a whole lot of new supporters."
Historically, when the Brian Lara Cricket series first appeared on Sega Mega Drive (rebranded 'Shane Warne Cricket' in Australia) in May 1995 it was one of the most phenomenal introductions of a sports game series. The initial shipment of Mega Drive cartridges was planned to cover 10 weeks supply, but within 3 days every cartridge produced was sold.
With new carts being produced and shipped daily, it went on to become the best-selling video game on any format from July through to September of that year. The series went on to enjoy massive success on PlayStation (PSone) and PC (as 'Shane Warne Cricket '98' in Australia) but the arrival of Brian Lara International Cricket next summer will be the first appearance for the legendary cricket game on current formats.
au.PlayStation.com contacted a representative of Atari Australia, Codemasters' local distributor, to find out whether the game will be renamed 'Shane Warne International Cricket' for its Australian release, or perhaps 'Matthew Hayden International Cricket', or even 'Boonie's Bats, Balls and Beers', however they were unable to confirm anything at this time.
Yeah good spot. Im looking forward to this game. Im not really sure what extra features im hoping for after Shane Warne '98 as i cant think of much that goes in a cricket game. I guess its just a case of trying to make bowling fun. I frigin hate bowling in cricket games, yet i like pitching in baseball...so i guess theres a way it can be done.
It opens a whole new ball game for EA Sports Australia to deal with. They were dominating the market with a below par Cricket 2000, anyone remember that pile of bad programming? And Cricket 2004 although has raised the benchmark its really a simulation without any excitement or what I like in cricket games a 'third dimension' the like of NFL 2005 has.
One thing for sure with Colin Mcrae Rally and other great games, Codemasters wont do a half-assed job and will deliver something thats worth paying out for.
Great to hear BLC is coming back. I remember BLC 95' on the Mega-Drive. Classic stuff.
Great news...........

Cricket games havn't really progressed a lot since the last BLC.........most of the things introduced during that landmark cricket game are still being used in EA's series....

The problem with the bowling is that they havn't been able to come up with a different type of bowling system from the "different size circle appearing on the pitch" prototype. Also the main wicket taking option for real bowlers (catches by the keeper) have rarely happened in the games.

Fielding has aways been grossly overlooked in past cricket games. Sort of tagged on as an option for diehards, but not very practical. If done properly this could add a huge amount to the bowling/fielding side of the gameplay.

Competition has to be good for gamers - hopefully with BLC and SJRL around EA will pick up their act somewhat.

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