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Bryan Habana



The fastest man in rugby.
He can score from anywhere and can tackle bone crunshing stuff.

He is a wing and can play center.
I would love to here your meaning of him playing center or wing?

He is the man to watch in World cup.

He has already stolen the Super 14 from the Sharks in the last minute now just watch him do it again in the world cup final.
Ha......ha......ha.....hahaha.....ha....hahaha...ha...ha :)

He kept on chasing down Mauger when I made a break on rugby 2006 tonight!

He is pretty good though, isn't he.
I like very much Habana but Rokoçoko are better because he's more heavy, have more puissance, strong.
Roco has the puissance, and he's the smartest player for the ABs because he knows how to run from deep and slice up the defence.

Habananas relies more on opportunity and needs other players to set him up. But great to watch him in full flight. And now he knows how to kick!
you cant hate on habana by calling him optimistic...if the decision he makes and takes lets his team win then he is one of the best wingers in the world...im just glad he hasnt gone to waste his talent in the northern hemisphere with the other tards who think they can play rugby
At his best Roko is a better winger than Habana. Habana needs the situation to already be created. He relies on either getting the ball in space and using speed, a grubber and using his speed or an intercept. Roko on the other hand can carve up defenses. He has a much better ability to create the opportunities himself. It really just comes down to a difference in styles; Habana is a hard, straight runner who relies on speed. Roko is tricky and unpredictable and much better at slicing defense.
Habana puts his own oppertunities. Look what he did in the final: he did it all on his own
Hey, call me biased but Roko>Habana imho. [/b]

You are seriosuly deluded my friend. Do you have no concept of reality? Apprently not.

The correct equation should read:

Jessica Alba>Roko>Habana

Grow some brains man.
dunno as a player Ma'a Nonu is possibly better but for shear finishing ability wow!
Yip id agree with that about Habana being up there with the best and I'm sure alot of us would surely agree. 1 thing i would mention Habana's not that **** hot when it comes to defending. He has the tendency to chase the ball carrier and crab in ward to catch the centre, leaving his own man exposed on the wing...

Where he has lapses on "D" he makes up for it by his strengths on attacking. No one can question his ability to run with the ball and score try's... Jonah Lomu was in the same boat
Habana have pace but he is not yet the big star.
He can not make a try, someone must put him in a gap
hey guys just read this off a yahoo sports page...(http://au.messages.yahoo.com/sports/rugby-discussion/1739?p=4)

Fastest Times for the 100m

1.Tonderai Chavangha-10.2
2.Brett Stapleton-10.3
3.Bryan Habana-10.4
4.Brent Russell-10.5
5.Joe Rokocoko-10.6
6.Doug Howlett-10.7
7.Jonah Lomu 10.8
8.Rupeni Caucau-10.9
9.Solly Tyibilika 10.91

so habana is fastTT, but i think his acceleration is y in my opinion is his biggest selling point. and if u guys doubt and say he is just an opportunist and doesnt create a play for himself please watch the video post link by TheBokke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw8y7j8edpA

just my opinion
I will say habana is good because his mates did all the work and all he had to do is to accelerate that last 10m of open space, you never really see him beating some quality wingers like roko and howlett to name a few, if you have got some quality wings you can defintely clamp him down for sure.
Habana is overrated. his defence is lazy, just look at how Takudzwa Ngwenya smoked him. I'd post the vid but its been removed from youtube. I definately think speed is not the only selling point of a wing, creativity is needed as well.
Good word listen to you people, the man gets outpaced once by another winger and suddenly he's overrated. Have you people even watched the Samoan game ?

his defence is strong, nothing wrong about it, I could find you some excellent videos of him doing some bone crunching tackles on the defence.



If you can find it watch some of the tries he's scored against Samoa in the pool stages.

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