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Call of Duty 3



Hey Everyone

Just managed to blag me a copy of Call of Duty 3, 4 days before release... Anyone else thinking bout getting it??

I can give you guys a game then... lol

Of course this was on Xbox 360
Is it any good?

I'm not a fan of the previous COD games but this one is meant to be great.

I think i might get GOW and R6 before i consider this one.
Its good, graphics are fantastic the game play is good, fairly simple to pick up and play which is always good... I enjoyed it

Would recomend if a fan of the series, if not just go rent it and try first...
I got COD2 which I really enjoyed. I will be getting this, along with a LCD to show off its graphical beauty.
I'll rent this

normally u can finish these games easy

i dont have online which is where this baby kills

all COD's are the same with a little gameplay tweak and revamped storyline from factual events

i need an ANZAC game @ Gallipoli, for me to purchase these out of control, hectic war sims.

I can only play these games 2 hours max at a time.........its just too hectic on the ears and eyes...........yeah i sit heaps close and have it turned up to war simulated audio......

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