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oooohhhh....sexy...gonna change my posts up again..hahahaa you are a wonderful c*** termite
lol...i love it..the only thing u geeks have on me is you can delete me or edit my posts...
I somehow think Chiro, you are being a bit of hypocrite. To call someone a geek is meant to be a put down. However, surely frequenting the forums as often as we all do, means we are geeks for at least rugby?

Anyway, why do people like you Chiro, feel it right to pass judgement over the net. Something I never understand, anyway...

Happy new year>>...

be quiet 1st day of the week and opposite colour of white!...geek??..what tha f*** man!!!...geek???...hypno what???...are you acusing me of ***** slapping robbinho?...yes i did but that gives you NO right what so ever to acuse me of doing it..coz i did lol...you dont understand me enuff blackmonday to know what im rambling about which is practically nothing and i hope you read that coz i just wasted 5seconds of your life depending on how fast of a reader you are and if you are english then i have wasted half your day..HAHA!..take that...like the group robbie williams was previously associated with before going solo and selling millions of albums!

now....hush puppy!
CatOwner.ObsessedFreakyness > NormalPerson.ObsessedFreakyness

The only thing that comes close is grown women who own rabbits or chihuahuas (dressed up in little chihuahua clothes)
Meme Cats:

Currently displaying 1-30 of 565 adorable kitties!

They update regularly xD

One of my personal favourites; not because it's funny, but because it is one of the few ones that are accurate in it's use of language:


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