Champions Cup 2019/2020: Pool 4


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Aboy Conway. Was a clear Racing block up to that but it worked out for us. Jesus could do with De Allende today. Centres might as well have a welcome sign on their heads. Haley has been really poor. Some of the pack players doing decently. We were really playing well in the first 20 and fallen off massively since then.


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Really hate the "don't play the 9" rule, it's so inconsistent
They only ever enforce it when it's literally the 9, not just the person passing the ball from the ruck, and that then the ruck was done with, ball out.


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French directors aren’t gonna show an angle from behind dead ball land.

barnes smile at the end, he knows that they weren’t give all the angles.

I think the ball hit green turf before white turf though.


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This loss is gonna be pretty sick based on the tries scored by Racing. Much as they've looked worth 2 tries.
Haley shouldn't be near an Ireland squad, does little well and a lot poorly. Him, Carty and McCloskey buggered themselves this weekend.

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Open season on Van Graan at the moment in certain places which I think is harsh although there is a clear lack of progress. It does seem like Munster have been in transition for the best part of a decade without any proper development. There is a lot of young talent at the province at the moment, hopefully this will encourage Van Graan to give them more time in the league because it's been clear for a while now that the current crop aren't up to the task.