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Champions Cup 2019/2020: Pool 5

Is it me or has the standard of reffing being pretty poor this weekend?
McCartney has been so poor in rucks today.
Carty has to go off, he's been so bad. Daly is fairly useless too and messed up a two on one in the first half but his 10 has put him under so much pressure.

Right on queue.
Carty was absolutely cat today. Not a notion of him tackling anyone. His centres I felt dug him out a lot.
Fitzgerald has been great whenever I've seen him, Munster could regret him leaving.

Caption: can't wait to welcome you to our family baby Damien. It's been such a journey carrying you inside me and I can't wait to meet you. Judging by how you're kicking already there's a future outhalf on the way
It'd be all kinds of awesome if Connacht can get out of the pools. These guys were the Zebre of Europe ten years ago. Another home banker against a French side gives hope.
Why the **** have bt put Connacht behind the red button when Sarries are free to air? Can't watch it on Sky Go now. Give this tournament back to Sky, BT have ****** it.
dire reffing. The ref calling back the play like he did effectively cancelled a perfectly valid try by Huget. And now he's heard saying to Ramos he got it wrong! Connacht have been off side all game.
happy with the win. Just don't get why the ref didn't police the offside and scrum as he should. Saying that Connacht were well in it and are a good side. They need to sort out their scrum. Ball in hand they're promising.
Picking Carty over Fitzgerald for this game is not the smartest thing Andy Friend has ever done.
Fair play Gloucester are looking absolutely terrible

Seems these sides can only play when they're a man down.

I hate when a try scrubs out a yellow card - multiple ruck infringements, a high tackle and a slap down by Connacht on that attack, but they're ignored because Gloucester eventually scored.
The slap down was probably a penalty try if they went up stairs
Now this is purely because it was carded during the world cup, but Connacht 18 there on his break put his forearm straight into Simpson's face/chin. His arm was out extended and not on his chest. How is it different to others that have been carded? Clearly another area that is refereed very inconsistently.
Finally how did Gloucester manage to throw that away...

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