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Investec Champions Cup 23/24 - Rd 3

Not looking good so far. Granted quite a few injuries, and post-RWC, but look unsettled and not getting the basics right.
That's a bad penalty, Maitland only had eyes on the ball and Penaud jumps from out of his eyesite when they're side by side

Penalty only came because he faked injury after
Goode and Faz really scrrewing Sarries with basic errors.
So barring a complete turn around by Sarries.

Pool A: Bordeaux and Lyon will qualify and Bulls likely. Connacht would need a BP win and hope Sarries don't get anything. Based on this I don't see Sarries beating Lyon, so likest is Bristol beating Connacht to take 4th spot.

Pool B: Toulouse, Baths and Quins already qualified. Ulster need a win to secure 4th. Racing and Cardiff could upset Ulster if they lose.

Pool C: Northampton and Exeter qualified already. Munster should be through too unless Bayonne get a BP win and huge PD. Glasgow vs Toulon could well decide 4th spot.

Pool D: Group of Death. Leinster already qualified as have Leicester and Stormers as neither Sale and La Rochelle can both over take them. Guess it depends on if Sale can overturn La Rochelle, but very unlikely.

Edit: Actually if Sale beat La Rochelle with a BP and La Rochelle get 2 BPs it is possible still for them both to overtake Stormers and Leicester if those two lose heavily with no BPs. Very, very unlikely though.
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Looks like the ref is also part of the advertising.
This Bordeaux side look real dangerous.
Not helped by us being woeful (kicking, missed tackles...) and not getting some decisions that might have seen us get some more actual points on the board, but even if we were playing good, I don't think it would be enough to overturn what is a clinical outfit. Curious to know more about their progress over the last few seasons.
Racing gonna be considering whether half a mil plus whatever his salary is is worth it for current Farrell - his form is in the toilet

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