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Investec Champions Cup 23/24 - Semi Finals

Missed the Saints game but congrats Leinster. Managed to catch this one and it's bonkers.
Things should really open up in the 60th minute when Toulouse bring on 8 fresh internationals (okay one or two of them are former or future internationals)
Two absolutely unreal attacks

Jouez Jouez is officially being renamed Play Play
Not checking that collision?
Sure looked like shoulder to jaw
Yep loving the commentary, won't see a replay for reasons we understand, bias French withholding footage by any chance….
Irish touch judge trying to get that turned to a red - what a melt

Yellow about right, would rather an argument at mitigation down to pen only considering ADP was dropping all the time rather than arguing up to red
Considering complete unwillingness to review Ntmac's clearly upright tackle anything more than yellow would be outrageous I all honesty.
Damn that's rough on Quins clearly the better team this half, English sides have far exceeded my expectations in the semis if I am honest maybe there isn't as bigger gap between them and top of Europe after all.
Txt book shoulder charge no arms at all…

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