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Investec Champions Cup 23/24 - Rd 1

There appears to be a couple of pretty serious flaws in this argument. If players' and coaches' opinions are unimpeachable, how come they don't agree with each other 100% of the time? Also, you do realise that SCW is a former player and coach, don't you?
I must be watching completely different rugby, and whilst I don't consider Farrell perfect, I just don't think the alternatives deliver at this moment. That isn't to say that Smith or someone else can't or won't surpass Farrell. If anything, this break will aid both Smith and Farrell, and ultimately that's good for England.

I agree that past and present professional players and coaches are fallible, but they have a far greater understanding of the game than any of us on this forum will have. There is no reason why these people would come out and support Farrell, including current and former teammates of Smith.


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