Champions league spot for Cup Winners???

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by An Tarbh, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. An Tarbh

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    UEFA seem to be looking into the prospect of cup winners being entered into the champions league. It's an interesting idea especially with countries who have 3 or 4 places but the only problem would be with countries that have 2 places, do you go with the top 2 in the league or the champions and cup winners.

    It also raises an interesting issue of what to do with a team who wins their cup competition and has already qualified for the Champions league. Should the spot go to the runner up or the next spot in the league, I think in that case it should go to the league team rather than the runner up. You could risk devaluing the champions league by having the likes of Milwall in the champions league should an underdog make it to the final.

    I suppose UEFA will always be looking to tweak with their compeitions and this is probably just another kite flying exercice despite the support from Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Rangers.
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  3. What a fundamentally patronising thing to say. If they qualify then so be it. The G14 want the CL as a closed shop...anything Platini does to break their monopoly is fine by me. On the main a top 4 club wins the cup most years but this might spur the mid-table teams on to take the cup a little more seriously. I'm actually in favour of having a limit of 2 teams from each country in the CL and a revitalised higher profile UEFA cup as the second tournament.
  4. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    I'm sorry but I don't what to see teams who may not necessarily have beaten top opposition to get through to the final of a cup competition getting into the champions league at the expense of better sides, it does devalue the competition, fact.
  5. So you prefer the g14 teams who finish 3rd in their league getting into the group stage automatically when the Champions from the weaker league have to go through qualifying.

    At least with this plan you'd have more teams that were actually champions competing in it.

    It should be champions only and the UEFA Cup as the big runners-up tournament.
  6. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    I don't know how you can draw that from what I've said, this has nothing to do with the G14, never made any mention of them, my mention of devaluing the competition was over whether the champions league spot would be given to the runner-up of the cup competition if the winner had already qualified via the league. I do prefer to see better sides in a competition and if that means Arsenal getting a champions league spot over West Ham than sobeit.
  7. I think it's always been said that you only get it if you actually win the cup....same as the UEFA cup slot up for grabs in the Carling Cup final. It goes to the league if the winners finish in a European place in the. It's common could get a cup finalist throwing a game to allow a team to get into a European place knowing that it'd guarantee a European place, that situation couldn't be allowed to happen.
  8. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    But he's dead right. Christ imagine Watford or the likes in the champions league. They wouldnt even get to the group stage.

    Either way, I though UEFA issued the places and the FA decide how they are allocated. I dont think UEFA have much of a say in the matter. Remember when Liverpool didnt qualify to defend their title. UEFA said it was up to the FA to change the rules. The FA didnt, so UEFA made a one off call.
  9. So what? Everton drew Villareal and didn't make it to the group stage (*grumble* Collina *grumble* Perfectly good goal) but so what...we'd bucked the trend and broke into the CL places...we were always going to struggle but so what. We'd earnt the right. That's what sport is all about. It'd be their shot, they earnt it....Should the sporting elite just push them aside and say "Nah, we'll take the limelight from now on".
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  11. Bullitt

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  12. and what about the leagues champions and the cup winners directly in CL and 2nd and 3rd of the leagues doing a peliminary round ?
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