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Club World Cup

So the answer to "how can we make European rugby even worse than it already is?" Is actually getting rid of it… Fair play, didn't think they had it in them.

Without a recognisable premier competition, you won't have recognisable teams, which won't attract new fans regardless of how sparkly club World Cup sounds. Shambles.
2 things. What does it mean no European champion in year of this tournament?

And 2 will clubs take it serious like I'm sure if it were Leinster and this year then IRFU would be more vested in protecting players for International summer tour than having players away somewhere for bones of month then home to go on tour with Ireland.
I think for Northern Hemisphere teams the calendar from 6Nations on is too hectic
I can't believe they are taking European rugby away from me.

Well, at least there will be new clubs for Leinster to choke against.
not surprised NZR is supporting this.....ignore the foundations of the game and just add more glitter to the top level...and then act surprised when the pro/semipro game dies in NZ
Yeah, well said that man

I remember him saying last year that a side getting an away game in South Africa in their European schedule was enough of an expenditure that your whole European campaign loses money, because EPCR don't cover the costs

Will take some serious sponsorship (i.e. the Saudis) to make this not a money pit for clubs, and that ain't gonna happen

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