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Collar vs Collarless


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Without a Collar

With a Collar

There is now an ever-emerging style with kit manufacturers to produce shirts without collars. The traditional Rugby Shirt is collared. How do you feel? Do you like the changes?
Oooh, sneakey, show an okay looking Ireland shirt as the 'for collar' arguement and the poofiest shirt ever for the collerless option... Biased, sre we??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???

He's a slippy one, he is. I'll keep my eye on you.

Oh, as for my answer... Who cares?
I personally prefer the collared jerseys, though I don't mind certain non collar ones... it's just the English and French nike jerseys I don't like, they make the players look like they're preparing for the 'tour de france'!
i'd prefer the non-collars but only because i got sick of wearing the real old-school jerseys with massive collars that were just annoying. :p
there is no performance advantage to collar or collarless... so who give a flip...
Hmmm... Don't really know... The collarless jerseys look awesome, but traditional jerseys look more like Rugby. Rugby jerseys are starting to look too much like football jerseys.
there is no performance advantage to collar or collarless... so who give a flip...
Firstly as far a bias, I absolutely love the "poofiest" Stade Francais Shirt. I will own one once they go on sale...and no, I'm not a ****. So, sorry to confuse you all.

Now to adress this particular quote posted above. I would say that some one at some level of kit manufacturing does think that there might be an advantage otherwise we wouldn't see them introduced. Plus, if you look at Ireland's collar, for example, and see the collar on the actual amourfit jersey versus the traditional style, even those collars are quite different from a few years back.


At first glance it may seem that BOD is just wearing his collar up, whilst Keith Wood is wearing his down, but if you take a deeper look this is what CCC are calling their new "sport collar."

So, I know you may not care, but this is the section to talk about equipment and the like, and I do believe that the shirt worn by players is a fairly big piece of kit (just look at how many they sell).

i actually think that wearing a collar would make the opponent easier to grab you! or to put u on a leash.... :p
i like the non collar kits, they look nicer.. also i like the tight fit nike shirts, they look very nice, and provide quite an advantage. Just think if you have a nike tight fit shirt as opposed to the ireland type shirt, no one can grab the collar area and pull you down because on the nike shirt, it is tight around the neck, and a person couldnt get their hand inside and grab it..
i have to say i was bit shocked when the all blacks went to the skin tight adidas strip, but it's grown own me over the years.

now i find the canterbury collar on the wallabies jersey strange. this is referred to as the "sport collar" above on bod
do the all blacks use tight fits? i thought they were just using a mandarin collar so it wont be that hard to grab?

I bet you these fellas are fans of the old school loose shirts. I'm okay with the tighter fit as long as it's flexable. I've worn undersized shirts before when mine got ripped and that totally blows.
Personally, although I don't mind the tight fitting style, I still prefer slightly looser old style jerseys - especially with a collar.

My main issue is the sleeves on shirts. I like them to be fairly loose around the arms, as my entire game revolves pretty much around speed of hand movement.

The tight shirts don't exactly restrict movement, but over the padding and strapping I have to wear for my shoulder then they aren't nearly as comfortable.
i prefer the tightfitting, ive never worn or seen a tightfitting longsleeve shirt, but the short sleeve ones do feel good, i personally believe they give you more movement, because there isnt the restriction from conventional fabrics.. i.e. cotton, etc. they are made of strech fabrics thus giving you a wider range of motion
tight-fitting shirts are good, though cause I've got big shoulders it gets a little tight around them. The big baggy cotton ones are no good.
This is a little off topic, but I've just been to the Kukri site to check their stuff out and decided to have ago at designing a jersey just for laughs. Unfortunately you have to be a member to design and to my horror while attempting to register I noticed that Australia was not an option when selecting a country (required field)!? Since when did we lose "nation" status??