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North Island vs South island

i'm constantly amazed how different people can watch the same game and see things completely differently, another forum im on is full of chat about how DMac was lucky to make the squad on that performance, theres a 30 point list on everything he did, for every person he put in space he threw a hospital pass, for every line break there was a horizontal run that ended in a turnover, he's not making most peoples 23 let alone starting

you expect him to be perfect? You expect any player to be perfect? Its funny how we can apply different standards to different players. I know i do it sometimes but I'm conscious of it and make sure to check myself(if anyone things they don't have bias, guess what? you actually do, its called being human). like Dan carter threw intercept passes, and got turned over, missed tackles, every good 10 does at times. But of course the net benefit of his play was clearly positive, people loved him, he looked the part and his mistakes were quickly forgotten. But it seems to be the fashion that when certian chiefs players make a mistake they get grilled for it and the negative attention they get doesn't really fit the crime. Its the job of the 10 to try things, they don't always work. And its the job of the team to backup and cover if plays dont go according to plan. Of course its a problem if the 10 is trying things and no benefit is coming as a result. But in this instance pretty much everything posative the north did on attack had DMac heavily involved. He scored, setup, had the last pass, had multiple touches or created pretty much every try the north scored bar maybe 1. Given that the net benefit of this influence was resoundingly positive. That and his goal kicking was spot on.
wow...not expecting him to be perfect, was simply a comment on how one person sees a MotM performance and others see a decidedly average performance, not even saying which opinion is correct....probably somewhere in between

dont talk to be about chiefs players getting unfairly judged ate, how many otago payers made this squad?...everyone giving jordan credit for the try but very few mentions of Ioanes vision or execution, you see people unfairly grilling chiefs players and others see some chiefs players getting a free ride to the AB's coughcanecough

one again...was less about Dmac himself and more about the vast difference in how people see the same performance
DMac is certainly a super sub and I believe he is more suited to play 10 rather than 15. He may run havoc in the last 20 and was surely missed (together with Liam Squire) in the last WC campaign.

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