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Dallaglio: Andrew is ideal man




Wasps flanker Lawrence Dallaglio has backed Rob Andrew as the ideal man for the Rugby Football Union's (RFU) newly created post of director of elite rugby.

Andrew has emerged as the favourite for the role, which involves managing English representative rugby at all levels.

The former England fly-half is currently employed as Newcastle director of rugby and has a wealth of experience as both a player and coach.

"Rob has all the necessary weapons in his armoury to cope with whatever problems came his way," Dallaglio told Sky Sports News.

"He has played at World Cups, he has operated at the highest level - which I think is important - not only for one or two years but for a sustained period of time.

"And after that he became director of rugby with Newcastle for the best part of 10 years."

Dallaglio feels Andrew will be able to improve the troubled relationship between the RFU and the Guinness Premiership clubs.

Since England's World Cup win in 2003, there have been several damaging disputes between the two sides over issues such as player availablity and compensation.

"I think he is going to be seen as a figure who has empathy on both sides of the line," added Dallaglio.

"That is important because the reason we were successful at the World Cup was that Clive Woodward was able to create a partnership between club and country.

"Since his retirement that has not really been as strong as it could have been."


Rob Andrew? Ideal? I guess it must be his extrordinary managerial record making the arseholes think that. <_<
Well out of all the candidates, i think they are looking for someone who will be able to sort out the club vs country row.... and Rob Andrew is the bloke with the links and everything...

But I honestly feel that England need a regular captain, who is going to be part of the line up upto and including the world cup, we need to bring consistancy into the setup as well... so the bloke taking this new role will have to have the guts to tell Robinson what he is doing wrong and confronting him, to force radical change if England wants to stand any chance of major change....
All it would do is put the RFU further into his pocket, thus all the bullshit that he moans about in the domestic game is morte likely; eg. Ringfencing the premiership, central contracts for england players, the RFU having complete control over the clubs; all Cancer for the game.

He doesn't even understand the modern game well enough;- a lot has changed since his droppy in '95.

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