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Did social media enhance your 2015 RBS Six Nations experience?

For starters, WhatsApp (notice the capitalised "A"), neither are the Sky Sports app or the Official 6N one.

Why does it force me to say that I support one of the Six Nations teams? As it happens, I support England, but plenty of people here in Cornwall were watching as neutrals.

I answered no to "Do you think using social media platforms enhanced your level of interest with the 2015 RBS Six Nations Championship in any way? *", so left all of the options on the next question blank as none of them apply, the survey wouldn't allow me to do this.

The options you provided for the question "Do you believe you will use social media platforms more or less in the future when watching the RBS Six Nations Championship?" were not exhaustive - I will use them the same amount, but had no option to say this, which in turn rendered the proceeding question moot.

In general terms, it smacks of having a predetermined idea of what people will answer and as a result is leading responses that way rather than gathering information that can be interpreted objectively.

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