Dogs vs Broncos!

Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by Kimmy_The_Kiwi, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Can't believe a thread hasnt already been made!!!!!

    Aussie Stadium..tomorrow night..9:30pm our time..7:30pm Aussie time!

    ROY & Reni are back for the Dogs!!..w0000000000000t :D so fkn happy!!..made my week hearing Roy was playing!!!

    I've been so nervous this whole week. Nervous have finally calmed down..for now..tomorrow i'll probably feel sick with nerves..just like i did on tuesday!!

    I'll deadset wont get out of bed for ever if the Doggies lose!!..BUT THAT ISNT AN OPTION!!..we are gunna play a tough grinding our forwards like it..w000t. :cheers:

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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    Well kimmy i think itd be fair to say all nrl forwards like a tough grinding game, not just the doggies :p and as everyone who follows the nrl knows, the broncose are the most famous team in the last 18 years to use that tactic, however they are expanding and changing there game with great effect (as seen last saturday night)...if everyone from both teams fires it should go down as one of the best club games ever.

    Oh and i have a joke....If St George won 14 premiership with 1 raper, imagine how many bulldogs can win
  4. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Should be a great game this! The Dogs have had their arse handed to them by the Broncos each time they've played them this year, but that won't matter this week.

    Personally I find it hard to go past the Broncos on this one... the Dogs have probably got the edge in the forwards slightly, but the Broncos have it all over the Dogs in attack...
  5. Lol that joke is so old..but tbh its a good one..not that they are rapists...

    I feel sick with hands are shaking...I CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE..why the f*** cant it be friggin 9:30 already!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cryy:
  6. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Broncos are getting pumped at the moment and looked out on their feet near the end of the half! They just lost momentum with a couple silly mistakes by Berrigan and the whole game got turned on its head... It's only half time, but I'd say the Broncos are done, which is a shame because as much as I hate them, I have a heck of a lot of respect for Webke and it's a shame to see his career end against a team like the dogs (i.e. thugs and criminals).
  7. Serge

    Serge Guest

    Broncos up 26-20 at the moment!!!!


    Broncos just scored!!!!1!!11one!! 32-20 Game freaking over! Goodbye Sonny Bill ****** and co!

    Edit: wtf wheres my double post? now I just like a knob. Oh wait...

    Edit Vol. 2: What a turn around, 31 unanswered points. Jawsum.
  8. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    F$#@!! Wow! Wasn't that just a massive jinx I put on the doggies! They CARVED them up in the second half!
    I hate the Broncos, but what I think about the dogs transcends hate by a fair margin, so this is a great result in my opinion! I just love the fact that all the doggies' riot starting criminal fans are gonna have to go home and cry themselves to sleep (or steel cars, which is probably more likely considering the scum that support them).

    Anyway 37-20 WOOOHOOOO!!! Suck sh#t you doggy scum!

    P.S You're not included in this generalisation Kimi, it's the Doggy fans from Sydney I'm referring to
  9. melon

    melon Guest

    HELL YEH!!!!!!! GO THE BRONCOS!!!!! 6 tries in the second half, absolutly carved them up in the secon stanza and what a fiting farewell for Shane Webke, playing in the grandfinal. Once again the Brisbane forwards have laid the platform for a simply electrifying broncos backline!
  10. :cryy:

    I feel empty.
    I'm pretty depressed at the moment. For a number of reasons.
    -We lost..obviously.
    -Was Roy's & Grimmers last game..what a f***ing gay way to end it.
    -Some of the ref's decisions were wrong, now ffs before you all start saying i'm blaming the ref. IM NOT, but some of the decisions were wrong, even a Broncos supporter will admit that.
    -Halftime..I want to know what the f*** Folksey said at halftime, obviously wasnt one of his famous halftime speeches.
    -WE HAD IT IN THE f***ING BAG BUT LOST IT..thats what hurts me the most..(bar Roy & Grimmers last game)

    f*** BRISBANE
  11. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Think of it as Origin 4 Kimi, that way you're team won :p .
  12. I need chocolate and alcohol..and ffs i hardly ever drink.
  13. Mehrtsisagod

    Mehrtsisagod Guest

    Ahaha so much for the Sydney teams.

    I watched the game with 6 other people in Wynnum, Brisbane and everyone was ****** at half time. Bloody good come from behind win.

    On this form I believe the Broncos will step up and take out the Premiership to give Webcke a decent sendoff.
  14. I'm over the loss tbh.

    Yes it still pains me to see anything GF related..knowing we we're halfway there..but fked it up.. <_<

    I'm still pretty upset over Roy and Grimmers though. :cryy:
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