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Originally posted by NZL fan@Jun 26 2005, 04:13 AM
Apparantly in cricket 2005 you can still take a slow bowler (ie. Vetori) and if you pitch that certain length you can clean bowl most of the opposition team (ala cricket 2002,2004).

Shots are still exactly the same as cricket 2004/2002 (ie. Easy sixes to be had in the usual places).....

Also computer controlled fielders move at impossible speeds and "warp" into catching positions from places on the field where it would be impossible to make a catch.

This game is total "rehashed" rubbish, and I can only hope that NOBODY on this forum gives away some of their hard earned to buy it (otherwise we are only supporting/justifying sub-standard game development from HB studios).
A big fat "word" to that.
There's some strange coding in the demo. They seem to have gone out of their way to keep it to 3 overs and not let you bowl. There is a bug whereby you win by bringing up Pieterson's 50 and it lets you bowl before crashing but that was hardly intentional. File formats are very simular to R2005.


oh this was a sweet thing to wake up to

> Thank you for your email.
> The demo discs have just been delivered to us and we will be
> dispatching your 3 copies as soon as possible.
> Please allow a week for delivery of international orders.
> Regards
> Andrew Halford
> Orderactive Supervisor
> GAME Digital Ltd

BLIC demo on its way down under!!!!!!!!!!


Originally posted by JJ-@Jun 29 2005, 06:25 PM
Your 3 copies? What format?

Have I told you recently how great you are ak?

ps2 mate

sorry bro

me and my mates.............r a trio of ps2 sports feins, (3 stooges with nothing better to do) and whenever a backyard sport makes its way to the ps2, we all jump on board as a syndicate

this has been religious practise since Rugby2001

I will however post whatever you want, in regards to how it plays etc
There's alot already known, but if anything is missed, I'll get down dirty and investigate, and relay it back to the TRF.

I'd posts pics, but there's heaps already out there, and I cant do vids.

Still a week away according to Game........

My main goal is to go into EB and show them BLICs
Coz they told me to pre-order EA cricket......ponting isnt out till october, and they never heard of BLIC's.

Yeah good one EB...Electoniques Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!


well the pc demo of blic is going to come out sometime after midnight nztime. so hopefully a comparison can be made between the 2 ganes. yeah ea suck 3 overs is nothing but luckily the guys on planetcricket forums have come up with a way so that you can keep batting until you reach a target of 400 or 600.


Man thats a huge file, guess us dialup users will have to pass. Anyone downloaded yet? Got any thoughts?


yeah i have played one game so far. graphics not bad compared to cricket 2005. default controls are bit werid for batting wsad to aim shot and then keys on the numpad for type of shot it just feels like the numpad is to far away. bowling looks a bit tricky and make take time to get exactly right maybe its due to the controls again not sure. overall it defintely feels like a cricket game compared to cricket 2005. I downloaded the demo without the commentery as the one with commentery is massive and a waste of my cap. I feel for dial up users 300 meg will take at least a day if not more to download. the gamesradar site maybe going slow so look on the codemasters forum at www.codemasters.com for links to other download links.


I'm massively ****** about it not working on anything less than a 12-button joypad. That's just sham.

Edit: Have got it working on my 6-button with help from a program I was recommended


I have played both, and found that i like BLC better. I think its because i ahve more control over whats going on. Especially the fielding/catching it kinda makes it a more complete game. Cricket 2005 felt a bit like 04 but there seamed to be a few new touches in there.

Graphics wise, i thought it was hard to compare, i had blc on the highest that it would go and it ran smoothly and was pretty crisp no jumps or anything. Same with Cricket 05.

Gameplay, I liked the EA game play, just the batting (since thats all i could do) it seamed easier to time the ball and play the shots i wanted and i seamed to have more control of what i wanted to do. For BLC i didn't feel like it was doing what i asked (even had to check to see if i had my fingers on the right keys a few times) Also felt that it was 2 hard to pick up a slower ball etc, everytime they bowled one i would be 1/2 an hour ealry, was crazy

Over all i liked BLC don't know why, its probably the difficulty it set on me, but saying that i have always liked the ea series, no matter what other people thing!!!


I've had a few attempts at the BLIC demo, but I still can't seem to get the bowlers bowling at a proper pace. The fastest I've ever reached was about 117km/h! Other than that, it's good fun.


yeah i havn't figured out that either, but won my first game the other day. batting isn't easy but once you get the timing right, its excellent.

I will buy both games, just cause i want to, but i can't beleive the cricket 2005 isn't out here for another 2 weeks
that sux, its out in aussie this week, why can't we get it this week 2.


C A Iversen

Well, they're paying the price for that already. I know someone who has Cricket 2005 (downloaded) in New Zealand already, and has told me I can have a copy today.
I am not interested though, as I like to actually buy my games, I mean they're not going to be able to keep making local interest sports games if people keep ripping them off, EA or not EA.
I'm waiting till the 14th.


yeah i have decided not to buy this game on xbox (like i was going to) i have heard so many bugs about it already. the bigest one is saving in the middle of the game. You can't play like 5-10 overs and save it, just not an option.

also heard it doens't save your created player as well, (just on xbox still) so prolly end up hiring out it a few times til BLC/RPIC comes out here

C A Iversen

Those bugs are terrible, I'll definitely check out both versions before purchasing, if the game is good enough at all!


I received the bLIC's ps2 demo from game.net last night

Its mind boggling and breathtaking

its the greatest of all cricket games i have ever played

things like swinging the ball after u've let go of the ball

fielding and carching using the metre

commentary brilliance

the little touches - hawkeye, replays, sound, shot selection/direction - are all perfect!!!

i love it

u hit it basically exactly where u want it, in relation to the direction u pushed

there's no set-common shots that hit the same part of the fence when it goes for four

u can hit the ball using every degree of the 360 analogue rotation, and it will go there - unlike EA when u had about 8 areas to hit too...in BLIC u can

bowler/batters confiedence metre works

the timing metre works

swing - awesome
seam - different to swing and awesome
wong-ins/googlys and doosra are beautiful - as tho u masterminded the special delivery ur self

u get re-warded for chang-ups and speed, and bowling a vareity of line and length

I need to know what other golden features this game has - pitchwear, nets, test matches.

Every thing is awesome - even the players look more like the real life, than any other backyard sport game we have - it sends NRL, Crickets (all of them) Rugby (all of them) to the cleaners!!!!!!!!!

Dont even talk to me about the authentic bats


<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
1.What is the difference between Ricky Ponting International Cricket and Brian Lara International Cricket ?

No difference that we know of. RPIC would simply be the oceania (aus and nz) version of BLIC, probably with different splash/menu screens.

2.Does BLIC have domestic teams?

No, although this is being considered for future versions of the game.

3.Will my computer be able to run it?
Minimum Requirements
- Windows 98SE/ME/XP/2000
- DirectX 9.0c
- Pentium III or Athlon at 1GHz
- 256mb RAM
- Supported Graphics card
- DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
- DVD Drive
- 8x CD-ROM Drive (CD Version in India)
- 1Gb Hard Drive Space

Recommended Requirements
- Windows XP/2000
- DirectX 9.0c
- Pentium 4 at 2GHz or AthlonXP 2000+
- 512Mb RAM
- Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5xxx or Radeon 9xxx
- DirectX 9 Compatible Sound Card
- DVD Drive
- 32x CD-ROM Drive (CD Version in India)

The GeForce FX 5xxx series or Radeon 9xxx series graphics cards are recommmnded but the following cards are supported:

- ATi Radeon 7200, 7500, 8500/LE, 9000, 9100, 9200, 9500, 9600 SE/Pro/XT, 9700Pro, 9800 Pro/XT, X700, X800, X850
- nVidia GeForce 2 MX/GTS/Ultra, GeForce 3/Ti200/Ti500, GeForce4 MX420/MX440, GeForce4 Ti4200/Ti4600, GeForce FX5200, FX5600 XT/Ultra, FX5700, FX5800, FX5900, FX5950, GeForce 6800GT.

It is NOT compatable with with all integrated sound/graphics solutions such as those found in some laptops.

4.When is it being released? (and where)

England - Thursday 21st July

Australia - Around the Australian cricket season

'As for PC-CD, I don't know as we haven't confirmed that we will bring it out on PC-CD. It's definitely coming out on PC-DVD in the UK/Europe/Australia but it might come out on PC-CD in Asia.'

5.Why do the graphics in the early screenshots look so poor?

These are "work in progress" screenshots, so the graphics aren't yet complete.

6.Why aren't the teams wearing the correct kits?

This could be two things, 1) It could be due to the work in progress nature of the graphics, and 2) Codemasters have yet to arrange all the official licenses.

7.Is there online play?

No, although this is being considered for future versions of the game.

8.Will the game include Hawk-Eye?

Yes, hawk-eye will be in the game along with other modern broadcasting innovations

9.Will there be anything to unlock in the game?

Yes, one of the things we know about is the 20 man classic squad, which will include WG Grace.

10.What Game Modes will there be?

Friendly - this includes ODIs, Tests and Double Wicket Cricket
Tournament - this includes the 2003 World Cup and Champion's Trophy
Challenge - this includes classic matches
The Pavillion
You will also be able to do a full tour, customising the number of Tests and ODIs.

11.What on earth is Double Wicket Cricket?

See this site.

In BLIC, you will be able to have up to 4 players playing this game, each player controlling one of the members of the team.

12.Can I play a Twenty20 match?

Not Twenty20 as such, but you can play a 20 over match with the normal ODI rules.

13.What will the classic matches in the challenge mode be?

We know about the following.....

The first Ashes test from 1889
Bradman's last century
Sobers 6 sixes
There will be 10 classic matches in all.

14.Will I be able to edit players?

Yes the game will come with a player editor.

15.What teams will be in the game?

There will be 17 teams in the game. We know that the 10 test nations USA will be in there, and we can assume that Kenya will be in there.

16a.What stadiums are in the game?

The officially licensed stadia are Edgbaston, the Rose Bowl and the Oval from England, with others still to be confirmed. The unlicensed grounds will be recongnisable, but with different names e.g. 'Lords' will be called something else, possibly 'London'.

16b.How many stadiums will there be in the game?

Unknown at the moment.

17.Will there be a career mode?

Yes, being able to 'create' 3 different careers (a batsman, a bowler and a all-rounder).

18.Which commentators will be in the game?

Confirmed are.....

Johnathan Agnew
David Gower
Ian Bishop
Tony Greig
Bill Lawry
Jeff Thomson

19.If I submit an idea now will it be in the game?

It is unlikely that it would be included, as Codemasters seem to be on the final steps towards release.

20. Is manual appealing in the game?

No, being considered for future versions .

21. Is the Duckworth/Lewis method in the game?

Yes, it will be fully implemented into the game.

22. Is there a NTSC version of the game?


23. When is the demo released

In a couple of month's time, close to release.

24. Why are there sometimes real player names and sometimes not?

The ICC license covers the 2003 Cricket World Cup and the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy. There will only be REAL names in these modes. In any other mode, the players names will be fake/altered.[/b]

From this forum

Does that help your questions?


21. Duckworth Lewis was in originally but didn't make the final cut............

The stadiums according to planetcricket.net are.............

Here is the list of stadiums to be in the full game of BLIC (* = officially licenced):

Adelaide (The Adelaide Oval)
Brisbane (The Gabba)
Hobart (Bellerive Oval)
Melbourne (MCG)
Perth (The W.A.C.A)
Sydney (SCG)

Edgbaston - Birmingham*
Rose Bowl - Southampton*
The Oval - London*
Swansea (St Helen)
Leeds (Headingly)
Manchester (Old Trafford)
Nottingham (Trent Bridge)
South London (Lords)

Dhaka (Bangabhandu National Stadium)

Ahmedabad (Sardar Patel Stadium)
Bangalore (M. Chinnaswamy Stadium)
Calcutta (Eden Gardens)
Chennai (M.A. Chidambaram Stadium)
Delhi (Feroz Shah Kotla Ground)
Mumbai (The ****hede Stadium)

Nairobi (Nairobi Gymkhana Club)*

New Zealand
Auckland (Eden Park)
Christchurch (Jade Stadium)
Dunedin (Carisbrook)
Hamilton (WestpacTrust Park)
Napier (McClean Park)
Wellington (The Basin Reserve Ground)

Karachi (National Stadium)
Lahore (The Gaddafi Stadium)
Faisalabad (The Iqbal Stadium)
Peshawar (Arbab Niaz Stadium)
Rawalpindi (Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium)
Hyderabad (The Niaz Stadium)

South Africa
Boland Park - Paarl*
Buffalo Park - East London*
De Beers Diamond Oval - Kimberley*
Goodyear Park - Bloemfontein*
Kingsmead Ground - Durhan*
Newlands - Capetown*
North West Stadium - Potchefstroom*
Pietermaritzburg Oval*
St. George's Park - Port Elizabeth*
The Wanderers - Johannesburg*
Willowmoore Park - Benoni*

Sri Lanka
Colombo (R. Premadasa Stadium)
Galle (Galle International Stadium)
Kandy (Asgiriya Stadium)
Moratuwa (Tyronne Fernando Stadium)

West Indies
Antigua (Antigua Recreation Ground)
Barbados (Kensington Oval)
Guyana (The Bourda Ground)
Jamaica (Sabina Park)
St Vincent (Arnos Vale Ground)
Trinidad (The Queens Park Oval)

Harare Sports Club*
Queen's Sports Club - Bulawayo*

Here is a list of classic matches in BLIC and details of the matches:

The Birth of the Ashes

This test, the ninth between England and Australia, led to the birth of the Ashes. With Australia touring and only playing a single test, this match also highlighted one of the greatest Australian test match bowlers .The Demon. Fred Spofforth. On a difficult pitch, the scores were low and England were set a modest target of 85 runs to win the match in their final innings. England were clearly favourites until Spofforth destroyed the England batting and won the match for Australia, with England only needing 7 runs to win. The result was a real blow for England and it gave rise to the famous obituary printed in the sporting Times

Challenge : Re-write history and ensure an England victory in this momentous test match by denying the "Demon Bowler" Fred Spofforth his greatest bowling performance on a difficult wicket. 85 runs are required, with all 10 wickets at your disposal.

The 1933 Bodyline test

Due to the almost impenetrable strength of the Australian top order, the English captain, Douglas Jardine, employed a tactic known as "Fast Leg Theory".
This controversial tactic became dubbed by the media as "Bodyline" due to the English quick bowler's ability (Harold Larwood in particular) to follow their Captain's instructions and bowl accurate deliveries into the line of the body. This forced the batsman to either take a hit to the body, take evasive action, or play a risky legside stroke and run the risk of being caught in the strong legside field. The bodyline series caused uproar in Australia and almost caused their secession from the Commonwealth. After much political wrangling Bodyline was outlawed and the current cricket rules prevent it from being used again.

Challenge: With only 10 overs left in the day, break any potential partnership between the two key Australian batsman at the crease. By taking this crucial wicket, you would scupper any chance of Australia saving this crucial 3rd test. The field is set for "Leg Theory" or ."Bodyline" bowling, so accurate short pitched bowling will be crucial to any chance of success.

The Tied Test

The West Indies toured Australia in 1960 at a time when Test cricket was losing its lustre. Australia had dominated every team they had played but the main cause for concern was that the cricket being played was dull and abrasive. The Australian selectors spoke with their team suggesting that those who played positive, attacking cricket would be looked upon favourably for future selections. This match, the first test in the series, has been described as "The Greatest Match Ever Played" After two days of some the best cricket ever witnessed the result came down to a final frantic over. The Australians were in the process of running the winning run, but a quick pickup and throw from Joe Solomon at Square Leg, with only a single stump to aim at, hit the stumps with a direct hit and the rest is history. Upon entering the Australian dressing room, Richie Benaud the Australian captain was greeted by the legendary Don Bradman who said; "That's the greatest thing that's ever happened to the game"

Challenge: With the score at 92 and the 6th wicket having just fallen, score the 141 runs without losing all 4 remaining wickets to change history and win the match.

Sobers' six sixes

In Swansea during the summer of 1968, Garfield Sobers, the then Captain of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club demonstrated why he was the one of the most feared batsmen of all time by being the first to hit six consecutive Sixes from six deliveries in a single over. The unfortunate bowler, Malcolm Nash, almost stopped the onslaught with his fifth ball of the over when Roger Davis, fielding near the boundary at long off, caught one of Sobers. almighty blows but then fell over the boundary rope. This set the scene for a 166 run Nottinghamshire victory but the game will be remembered for Sir Garfield Sobers. devastating 36 run over. This feat has only been equalled once, by Ravi Shastri for Bombay, in 1984 against Baroda.

Challenge: Play as Gary Sobers for one over and hit 6 consecutive sixes in an over.

Massie's Test

Australia had not won a test since they beat India at Madras in 1969 and they were having their most barren run in their history against England. It needed a special performance to rekindle the flames of Australian cricket. After some aggressive bowling from Dennis Lillee had unsettled the English openers, Bob Massie stepped up and produced figures of 8 wickets for 84 runs in the first innings and 8 wickets for 53 runs in the second. These astonishing figures of 16-137 put Massie in exclusive company with Jim Laker.s 19-90 against Australia in 1956 and Sydney Barnes. 17-159 against South Africa in 1913. Strong batting performances from Greg and Ian Chappell complemented Massies excellent line and late swing, enabling Australia to end their barren spell against England with a convincing eight wicket victory.

Challenge: Survive Massie and Lillee to take the England score past the score posted in this innings in 1972. With 3 wickets down and the score on 18, score 99 runs without losing the final 7 wickets.

Port of Spain 1988

Imran Khan had been convinced by the President of Pakistan to come out of retirement for the tour to the West Indies. After suffering a 5-0 thrashing in the One-day internationals this had begun to look like an unwise decision. Pakistan however had won the first test by 9 wickets. Buoyed up by this success, Imran and Wasim Akram both ignored advice to rest injuries in the hope that they would wrap up a series victory. Pakistan won the toss and sent the West Indies out to bat. The West Indians had a mediocre innings with slight flourishes in the middle order. Pakistan failed to build on their advantage due to some strong bowling from Malcolm Marshall and Winston Benjamin. Imran Khan then took four wickets. In the second innings with the West Indies struggling on 81 the series looked all but over. Viv Richards came into bat and survived a caught behind appeal, much to the Pakistani captain.s anger. This incident spurred Richards on to 123, which put Pakistan on the back foot. On the first ball of the last over Saleem Yousuf was out l.b.w. and it looked as if the West Indies might take the victory. However, Abdul Qadir survived the last 5 balls to draw the match.

Challenge: With the West Indies struggling at 66 for 3, consolidate their position in the test match by scoring a century with Viv Richards without losing his wicket or running out of batting partners.

India vs Pakistan (2003 ICC Cricket World Cup)

This Pool A match in Centurion, South Africa, was India and Pakistan.s fourth meeting in World Cup Cricket. Always a mouth watering battle of Asian cricketing giants, this match would ultimately decide the success or failure of each team.s World Cup chances. Pakistan batted first and helped by a quick century from Saeed Anwar scored 273 for 7 from their 50 overs. This left India with a difficult yet achievable run chase. Led by Sachin Tendulkar who achieved his twelve thousandth career run when on a score of 83, India set about a rapid run chase. They had reached 50 runs after just four and a half overs and 100 runs after 11.1 overs. This batting, coupled with a lacklustre bowling performance from the Pakistani attack allowed India to win and reach the Super Sixes stage of the World Cup. This victory ended Pakistan.s attempts to emulate previous World Cup runs, and signalled India.s intent of reaching the World Cup final.

Challenge: India require 274 runs to win the match against their old rivals Pakistan. With 10 wickets in hand, score the required runs within the 50 overs without losing the wicket of Tendulkar or being bowled out.

The 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup final

The final of the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup was held at the New Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. The Australians, without Steve Waugh, Shane Warne and Jason Gillespie were sent in to bat by the Indian captain. A nervous 15 run over by Zaheer Khan got the game underway and after some ill-advised banter had spurred on Adam Gilchrist, the Australians started to score freely. Seeing his attack being demolished by the Australians, Ganguly brought his spinner Harbhajan Singh into the attack in the 10th over. This change of pace brought wickets however its success was short lived as the Australian partnership of Ponting and Martyn took the total up to a massive 359 for 2 from the 50 overs. The quick fall of Tendulkar.s wicket made India.s task seem even more insurmountable, but strong batting performances from Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid offered a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately for India, the controlled aggression and great skill of the Australian team ensured that this was Australia's day. A great result for the new Australian captain Ricky Ponting, and a second successive World Cup Final victory for one of the greatest teams to have ever graced the game.

Challenge: Having set a huge total of 359 for 2, Australia are superbly placed to win the ICC Cricket World Cup for the second time in succession. Bowl India out for under 235 to emulate Australia's comprehensive win to take the ICC Cricket World Cup for the second successive time.

The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy final

An overcast autumn day set the scene for the ICC Champions Trophy Final. The West Indies won the toss and sent England out to bat. The English batsman struggled to come to terms with the pace and bounce of the West Indian bowling but Marcus Trescothick battled on and achieved 104 before being run out. England's score of 217 seemed out of reach to a West Indian side whose batting had been vulnerable to the seem bowling of Steven Harmison and Andrew Flintoff. The predictions seemed to be coming true as the West Indies wilted to a score of 147 runs for 8 wickets with only Shivnarine Chanderpaul offering any resistance. In the 33rd over Chanderpaul's wicket was taken leaving Courtney Browne and Ian Bradshaw to try and push for an unlikely victory. They battled valiantly and shared an unbeaten partnership of 71 which took them to a much needed West Indian victory.

Challenge: With the West Indies in real trouble at 147 for 8, take the final two wickets or keep the West Indies from scoring the runs required to secure the ICC Champions Trophy for England.


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