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Eddie Jones non-compete clause

The RFU being 'completely naive and clueless' isn't telling us anything we don't already know.

The piece I think is debatable is how much impact this would actually have on England. @califauna seems to think it will cause 'maximal harm' which I'm finding hard to see considering there is a reasonable chance we don't even face Eddie/Australia.

Even if we do, we'll have new calls and systems in place that will likely negate any inside knowledge he does have. Furthermore, this seems to centre on the fact that Eddie has some kind of hold over the England players which I just don't buy into. Maybe there are a few who were staunchly loyal to him, but I'm sure there are more who were happy to see him go.
Complete over-reaction.

Also pretty much legally unenforceable as it would be unreasonable to try and apply it at this point.

If Eddie Jones has information on England that is still relevant come RWC time, then what was the point in getting rid of him and bringing in Steve Borthwick (all at quite significant expense)? He'll bring nothing that a good opposition coaching team won't already know.
Ironically, Rennie has a non-compete clause in his. He can't coach until his contract is up. Gardening leave.
Yes perhaps I am overstating above regarding the setback to England rugby in general terms from this development.

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