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Edinburgh no more

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Well, all of the problems have now come to boiling point. Edinburgh Rugby has resigned from the SRU and thus is now longer allowed to play the game under IRB rules. Scotland internationals will now train with Scotland, McKie gets what he wants.

It's all gone ***s up, the SRU's blatent inabillity to deal with others has forced Scottish rugby down to one pro-side. This as a result of *** for tat arguments and petty squables. The SRU should have accepted that that is what they agreed and stuck to it. McKie's (quite frankly) SHITE interpersonal skills have just driven Scottish rugby further into the ground. No decent players will want to come here, no one will support the sport and we'll just be even more of a joke than we are now. If McKie wasn't so bloody greedy and if he was prepared to budge a little, we might not find ourselves in the mess we're in now.

Howevers, Bob Curruthers has acted rather foolishly in my opinion. For the sake of Edinburgh developing, he should have let the Scottish player's go to international training, but warn the SRU that it would be going to court. Edinburgh now have no players (as they're not insured) and cannot play in any fixtures. The only hope can now be that either it sorts itself out, or if Edinburgh were to register with another Union such as the RFU, IRFU or WRU (very unlikley). For the situation to sort itself out both sides now need to sit down and come to a compromise and stick to the agreement. Get lawyers in to make sure it's legally binding and that no party can break it without reperecussions. This is just as unlikey given that neither McKie or Curruthers are prepared to budge.

We're all f***ed.
This is absolutely disgusting. And I thought the RFU or the pre or post Dave Moffett WRU administrations were god awful....but I think Gordon McKie tops them all.

Not even the scheming Francis "the Red" Baron would dare go this far.
Well it will force a decision one way or another in the very near future.

Isnt Steven Larkham on his way in October?
Yeah, though it was in the Evening News that he is none the wiser as to what's happening and how it affects him.
Surely he'll get he sack along with the rest of them.

God, I bet he wished he just stayed in the Super 14 now...
Well the 'sacking' is very confusing. One day, Curruthers is saying that he will make the internationals redundant, the next he's saying there will be no redundancies. Also, it's unclear as to whether or not these are just Scottish internationals. In any case, it wouldn't affect Larkahm as he's retiring from international rugby.
This is a silly idea, but couldn't Edinburgh join the Guinness Premiership by joining the RFU?

I know it sounds odd, but it is british isles and this happens in the BBL (british basketball league). They could re-locate and rename, but the club would still be the same, just under a different guise.
Not only that but try telling the likes of Rotherham, Exeter, Cornish Pirates and co in ND1 that they have to step aside because Edinburgh can't make it work in the Magners League.
Plus if they joined the English league they'd have to start at the bottom; NL3. It was the same story when Rangers and Celtic wanted to join the Football Premiership.
If they were to re register then a likely move to the IRU or WRU. However the WRU could not financially support them!
This is further proof that the clubs and the national unions need to be seperate. Imagine Hockey Canada telling the Toronto Maple Leafs when their players can and can't play utter f***ing ridiculous when you ask me.

What needs to happen is a joint southern hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere season. One for International which by the way should be a lot smaller then it is now like scrap june tours, make tri nations/ 6 nations occur at the same time, get rid of useless comps like edf energy cup. Club and International must coexist and if both are to succeed they both need to compromise.
Yes but then again imagine Canada actually having a full strength national side for anything other than the Olympics? And then again if the clubs could get away with it, they'd try and winkle players away from the Olympic squad!

There has to be balance at the end of the day. In my view, the Unions are absolute dickheads and the Clubs are just as big a bunch of dickheads. Once in a whole they get together to ********** in a huge festival of dickery and "how to be a total c*nt" with total knobends like Tom "our ground doesn't need a soul" Wilkinshaw of Gloucester and Keith "we don't need to train no local talent" Barwell trading barbed insults and veiled legal threats with Francais "What the hell is this sport" Baron and the other old duffers, mud still fresh on their trousers where they've gone and gutted an entire Stag with their bare hands. I bet Nigel Wray, owner of Saracens will be there, spiking the drinks with laxatives and ecstasy just "for teh lulz".

Face it, they're both as bad as each other, but then again, I'm a very cynical guy when it comes to this.
Larkham will probably just end up in Toulon, they seem to be trying to compose a starting XV consisting only of Southern Hemisphere Players who are at least 30 Years Ol.
What a disgrace. Just when Scottish rugby is in serious need of everyone, clubs and union pulling together, instead they pull themselves apart out of what appears to be no more than spite. I can't think of any other reason for it seeing as there are going to be no winners out of this situation.
Face it, they're both as bad as each other, but then again, I'm a very cynical guy when it comes to this. [/b]

you, cynical? never! :lol:

its a disgrace though... how both sides can allow it to get this bad is way beyond me
So everything goes through - worst possible consequences taken into consideration - what's gonna be the deal next season?

Magners League down to 9? The league will be a laughing stock.
And also someone to step in pace of Edinburgh for the Heineken cup? How is that one decided?

This is a shambles...
Time for Italy to step into the breach...look on the bright side, at least you Irish and Welsh can sunbathe in January and bring back some Parma Ham.

Well it looks as though the SRU and Edinburgh may be on the way to sorting this ridiculous situation out:

The Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) have accepted Edinburgh's request to withdraw their resignation, while rumours of a Stephen Larkham exit have been quashed.

Edinburgh originally submitted its resignation to the SRU following Bob Carruthers' claims Edinburgh are owed Magners League and Heineken Cup fees.

Edinburgh issued a statement on Thursday calling for the matter to be resolved as soon as possible, at the minimum financial cost to both parties.

An SRU statement said: "During the disciplinary panel hearing, Edinburgh Rugby Limited withdrew the resignation notice of their associate membership of the Scottish Rugby Union, which they issued to the SRU on July 6 2007.

"The Scottish Rugby Union accepted Edinburgh Rugby Limited's request, therefore Edinburgh Rugby Limited will continue to be associate members of the Scottish Rugby Union."

Larkham's agent recently revealed the fly-half was "seeking assurances" amid the current plight, however Carruthers has now claimed Larkham will remain an Edinburgh player.

Carruthers said: "He (Larkham) is contracted to Edinburgh and he is an Edinburgh player. I've never spoken to him, other than through a television link, it's not my job.

"The guys in the backroom deal with the players and all the rest of it. But he is an Edinburgh player."


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