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Excercise and it's a ********

^ didn't you ever see that doco where the guy is basically getting the beginnings of liver failure just cause he only eats Mcd's for a month.. 'Supersize me'..

This is a clever thread, good luck to everyone.. Im currently at 95kgs (stones, pounds wtf don't people use Kgs?).. lets see if I can get to 90 which would be pretty close to ideal.
Time to get this going again being as I fell off the wagon. Can I do a stone in 2 weeks do you think?
well i am happy to say, since xmas i have lost a stone! :)
by cutting down and working out lol

im rather happy, stil a long way to go but at least im gettin somewhere :cheers:
well i have been eating healthy, no rice/potatoes heavy carbs in the evening just a few veges and meat.

i have lost 3kg o_O i really need to do some exercise.
Also given up coke/coffee and cut down on a lot of sugar :)

still not to bad i say.
Ok guys, this topic has clearly been left to rot, so i thought i'd bring it up again and see how all the fatties are doing with the weight loss (and caledfwlch gain)!!!

My training is going pretty awesome:
I was 11 stone 3lbs, 10% body fat when i last posted. Since then I have gained 2lbs but my body fat percentage is now down to 8% and my strength has gone up by around 30%.
I'm hitting 100kg for 3 reps on the bench and i can squat 150kg at a one rep max. Plus i self-timed my 100m the other day and i ran 11s.
I'm pretty chuffed with the way everything is going...and yet i still can't be arsed to get back to playing club rugby.
Plus i self-timed my 100m the other day and i ran 11s.

You're running 11 scecond 100m? :blink:

How did I ever outsprint you at any point? Ever? Mabye there is something to this 'working out' thing afterall...

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