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Excercise and it's a ********



Isn't it a chore. Over the last 3 month's I'd estimate I've gained nearly 2 stone, ( a large chunk of which has been over the festive period).

Now, I think a lot is due to to not traning for ages since I did my neck in plus being a lazy ******* and ordering pizzas instead of cooking a decent meal. Now I'm paying the price with a buddah belly and a rapidly vanishing neck. :(

So, who else is planing on embarking on the "TRF Drop that belly" campaign? It's simple... All entrants must put their start weight, regardless of how embaressing it is, set a target weight and give regular progress of what you're doing.

Let's fight for a fitter TRF. Be part of the movement, and that's more then just a pun.

If anything else, it gives me a bit of encouragement in anyone else is a lazy bum so I look better then some others.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I now weigh 15st6! :eek:
ill be in cause i need to!!!

though i dont know how much i weigh, and i wont be able to start til i get home mainly because i dont have the resources where i am at the moment.

ill be a couple of weeks late :) but ill be in. i am a lazy ******* :)
Hiya im on the way to losing my weight after years of eating! :(

at 14 im an embarressing 17 stone!! but at 6ft 3' it fills out abi and the belly is slightly going down to me actually doing weights and sit-ups everyday :p ive been doing them for a about month now and im seeing some results.
got weight bench for xmas and am planning to use it as soon as is up trying to tone up now!

so good luck to all of us who have that access carrying around and want to lose it!! exercise is best way i think!

anybody game for a weight GAIN campaign... i'm trying to hit say, 73 kilos...

thing is i eat ALOT of food, only gain around 500g temporarily. and by that i mean that no matter how hard i try to gain weight, a walk in the park burns that excess weight off and i'm back to square one which is 64 - 65 kgs

If anyone would like to donate any weight I'll gladly take it off your hands.

I'm actually looking to gain about a stone before next September.
Brilliant Idea Teh Mite!
I'm game. I was on track to being fit this summer, but then starting around September (through various events) I didn't make it to the gymn as frequently, started eating crap and now find myself embarrassing in my Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas photos. I'm at 22.5 stone right now. I'm 6'5", and I do lift weights, so I am not a purely fat 22.5 stone, but I'd love to drop my weight down to 19 stone. That's about 50lbs.

Has anyone else seen the "Belly Off Club" in Men's Health?

So what is your proposal?
Teh Mite this is a brilliant idea.

My weight: 17st 6
My target weight 14st 6
14 1/2 stone, 5ft 9". But I do serious weights twice a week and have team training twice a week, aswell as games on a saturday and 5-a-side football every Sunday. I don't eat takeaways or fast food and I like to cycle alot. If you wanna lose weight, do a decent sized run twice a week, a few sit ups and press ups everyday and don't eat takeaway football. Even walking is exercise.
thing about running is that once you stop the weight will pile back on, so it's something you'll need to keep up which isn't the best exercise as it'll screw up your knees in the long run, unless it's cross country you're doing.
So, then, what's the game plan for this? Are we doing a competition style thing?
We should standardize questions (ie. Height, Weight, Body Frame [small, medium, large], Current level of activity [miniumul, moderate, active], Desired Weight, Other Desired Goals [ie. drop two pants sizes, put on 10 lbs of muscle, ect...]), and have an entry deadline, and write what we propose to do to drop the belly.
cut down your grams of fat intake daily i.e. 35g or less for men and just excersize and you should easily lose your weight

man i have a nordic track cross country ski trainer that thing kicks ass, it is superb for working out, a great alternative to running as it doenst kill your joints!
Well I have a few suggestions as well. When tracking weight loss, always measure in pounds. It sounds better to say "I lost 10 pounds!" than it is to say you lost 0.7 stones. Plus it does have a psychological benefit of making you feel better with that bigger number.

Also, losing weight depends on the intake and output of calories. So say you're taking 3000 calories a day and only burning 3000 calories, it doesn't matter if you're taking those 3000 calories in through eating ice cream or carrots, you won't lose weight unless you burn more than you're taking in. If you take in 2800 and you burn 3200, you're going to lose weight. You will also want to note that just going for a 10min run, you won't be burning fat. You must do constant vigourous cardio for at least 20mins to start burning fat, anything less and you're just burning through carbohydrates. There is an exception and that is if you're obese or just do absolutly nothing you will see benefits from any form of exercise.

Now, there is a way to calculate your daily caloric needs, it might be a bit complicated but I'll try to explain it. Through the Harris-Benedict equation you can figure out your resting metabolic rate(RMR). That's basically what your body essentially needs. You'll need a pen, paper and possibly a calculator, depending on your intelligence level. The formula for males is:

RMR= 66.5 +(5 x your ht. in cm) + (13.7 x your wt. in kg) - (6.8 x your age)

You then take that number and multiply it by either 1.4, 1.6 or 1.8 depending on your level of activity. 1.4 being very little activity, 1.6 being moderate activity and 1.8 being very active. That number will give you your round about caloric need.

I'll do mine for example:

RMR= 66.5+(5x182cm)+(13.7x86kg)-(6.8x17)
RMR= 66.5+(910)+(1178.2)-(115.6)
Resting Metabolic Rate= 2039.1

My activity level is 1.6.

RMRxFactor= daily caloric need
2039.1 x 1.6=3262.56 kcal/day

So I need to burn 3263 calories per day to start losing weight.

Not sure if anyone followed that but what the hell.
just cut down your fat grams intake..

also it doesnt neccessarily need to be vigourous cardio, walking for 20-30 minutes is fine to help you lose weight.
just cut down your fat grams intake..

also it doesnt neccessarily need to be vigourous cardio, walking for 20-30 minutes is fine to help you lose weight.

Well you need to get your heart rate up for about 20mins. If walking does that for you than all the best.
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just cut down your fat grams intake..

also it doesnt neccessarily need to be vigourous cardio, walking for 20-30 minutes is fine to help you lose weight.

Well you need to get your heart rate up for about 20mins. If walking does that for you than all the best.
If you reach a speed of 3.2 mph you are technically in cardio phase. That is a brisk walk. So, if you don't mind the treadmill, but can't handle a full on run, do 3.2 at a incline and you'll see notable difference.
It is great to see all your efforts in losing weight for rugby. Body composition i.e. how much dead weight (fat) and how much useful weight (muscle) you have is key to good performance.

I was always of the thought the lawas of physics cam into rugby! You know that bigger you are the bigger your impact. What a load of rubbish if your body fat levels run up in the 25% at 15 stone!

As a strength and conditioning coach to rugby teams and individuals over here in Ireland I have foudn the most effective way is to

a) Look at your diet and be honest! Use soemthing like myfoodiary.com for 5 days and see how much you are eating or drinking! There was a great post earlier with the calculations to get you started but will need further revision as you launch into this to tailor for yourself.

B) Use a minimum of 5 sessions divided as follows i) Weights in circuit fashion with exercises such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, pull-ups, rows, and shoulder presses. Perform 10-12 reps of each exercise, rest after the 5th exercise for 60-90s before launching into another round of exercises. ii) In the days inbetween your weights shoot for High Intensity Interval Training (HIT) for 20 minutes with this format 5 minute warm up, then 1 minute at Level 9 on a scale of 9-10 followed by 2 minutes at level 6. This can be done on a bike, rower, cycle etc. Cool down for 5 minutes. Perform 3 of these per week.

I wish you all the best in your efforts and feel free to drop me a line [email protected]

Happy New Year


I always find all this stuff to be a way of getting around your diet, pure and simple, the body is balanced on how much you take in and lose in a day.

All this needing of minerals and vitamins is rubbish on their own. The body was designed to live off what was in natural foods, so why do we now need to take tablets to be healthy?

I say, if you are really arsed about it, do a bit of exercise a day, some light weights, and I mean light! Eat something healthy like a salad etc.. and simply, put down the chocalate and takeaway. Oh and drink lots of natural water, maybe get rid of the stuff from tap water?

I found this simple method to be very effective when I was arsed, not so much now.. but it works. So don't feel you need to become all serious about it.


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