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Faz Faces Further Spell Out



Originally posted by Sky Sports

Andy Farrell's rugby union career will be put on hold for at least another eight weeks after undergoing surgery on a back injury.

The former Great Britain rugby league skipper, who is still waiting to make his Saracens debut six months after switching codes, suffered a prolapsed disc as a result of a car accident.

It is another setback for the 30-year-old after he arrived at the London club nursing a toe injury that eventually required an operation.

Farrell was a passenger in the car and initially the accident caused no distress.

But at the team's next training session on Thursday morning his back felt stiff in the warm-up. Subsequent scans diagnosed a prolapsed disc and it will require keyhole surgery.

Saracens chief executive Mark Sinderberry said: "It's terrible luck for Andy - particularly as this injury hasn't been picked on the rugby field.

"In a year in which Andy has suffered some very bad luck, this is a cruel blow to suffer such an injury away from the pitch - especially coming when he was nearing a return to full fitness. We wish him a speedy recovery."

This bloe is nowt more than a joke. To think Sarries could have bought a decent player with that £100,000 their paying him each year for sitting on his arse.
The £100k is what Sarries are paying; the RFU are also dishing out £100k.

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