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Flavell to return



looks like flavell will be back next year and playing for the blues.

The Blues are in line to snare returning former All Black forward Troy Flavell next season.

Flavell, whose Japanese club Toyota are touring New Zealand, has confirmed he has spoken about a return to All Blacks coach Graham Henry, a major fan of the sometimes controversial lock/loose forward.

One of Henry's first acts after being appointed All Black coach was an attempt to stop Flavell from heading overseas early last year.

Flavell and his wife Cherie, who are celebrating the birth of their first child, are ready to return to New Zealand when his contract ends in mid-February.
yay!..auckland will be the new home to yellow cards and after match brawls!!!!

i wonder?

how many poor little japanese he stomped over there?
not many they paid him not to. I hope flavell has changed because when hes not doing something stupid he is a good player and contributes to a team very well.
i also heard they paid him to compete in one of there many pro-fight sports where he rucked to death a 1000pound sumo wrestler!

after he opened up his large stomach..he swam in the river of blood and fat..then the ref gave him a red card!..in which flavell retaliated and beat up the ref and made him eat the card!

troys got some serious problems!...
yeah for sure sounds like his off field activties with toyota were very interesting! Maybe thats why he is coming back chiro he's banned from all the sumo places where the rest of the team go.
its funny when u hear the stories of how people hate going to training with him coz hes too rough!

what a bully!
LOL yea i remember andrew mehrtens saying training was made tougher when guys like troy were around.

Anyway i hope he playy like he did in 2000 i thought he would be a regular in the ALL BLACKS outfit,we need guys like him against south africa lol

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