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I found this here and was wondering what FPS means to you people

does it mean First Person Shooter, or Frames Per Second. or is Frames Per Second done f/s or similar.

good argument for both sides :) dont ya just love GameFAQS :)
Petty. Either way is correct. I personally use FPS for both First Person Shooter AND Frames per second.

The context in which it is said should show which one you mean.
its used for both. depends on context which one is used. the dude is clealry maning frams per second in this case
Originally posted by woosaah@Mar 24 2006, 12:46 PM
yeah FPS for me means both depending on what i am talking about :)
Yeah, it's context sensitive. [/braininess]
Yeah, I pretty sure you use alt codes to get that.

How about FPS=First Person Shooter

And fps =frames per second.

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