You know you play FPS too much when...

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Bullitt, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    - When walking anywhere, you feel a need to strafe
    - You try to focus on one paticular area, and a red crosshair appears from thin air
    - You've fantasised about shooting somone. In the crotch.
    - When people aim a gun at you, you drop any important items
    - When you go to the bathroom you just stand there with your gun waiting for soemthing to happen
    - Its alright if someone next to you was killed as long as they were killed with a silenced gun theres no need to turn around
    - You get confused when the key to any jailcell isnt on the wall
    - You think you cant see the ground from high places
    - You spray paint all your guns gold to make them better
    - When you get on a train you look for the brake controls so you can shoot them
    - You expect everything to stop when you view your watch
    - You have to read what everyone says to you
    - You can use an invisible bungee cord
    If your friends refuse to play paintball with you because you just stand in one place shooting at a stationary truck.
    - If you get held up and your first reaction is to throw your hands up, bend your knees slightly, then run around in confused circles.
    - You assume you can automatically disarm any alarm system or hack into any computer in 30 seconds.
    - You can't pick anything up without making some sort of sound effect.
    -If you're at a store and you see a security camera, your first thought is "an alarm is gonna go off."
    -When you decide to rewatch GoldenEye... and make game-movie comparisons
    - You commit yourself to only falling in love with women you meet while being held hostage.
    - You're not afraid of dying because you can always start the scenario over again.
    - You see a man with a large head and hands and laugh because your first thought is that he's in "DK Mode" - You shoot a chair and you are surprised that it doesn't explode in a ball of fire.
    - When firing a gun you, it continue to shoot after it is empty expecting it to auto reload.
    - You smash open windows and jump out of them at your local library.
    You are excpecting anyone who isn't a main part of your life to be a sillouette and have a giant ? on them.
    - You start bungee jumping of damns.
    - You start running after anyone who looks like Sean Bean.
    - When you enter museum displays, you are expecting the bits of wall to slide down and reveal turret guns.
    - You ask your gun store if they have an all weapons cheat.
    - You believe you can conceal seven different guns behind your back without anyone getting suspicious.
    - You refuse to do any job that your boss gives you unless it comes in a manilla folder with "TOP SECRET" stamped across the cover.
    - When going on a trip, you pack five tuxedoes and a blue camoflage jumpsuit... just in case.
    - If you want to see something that is far away, instead of walking up to it, you pull out your sniper rifle just to look through the scope.
    - You now have a built-in instinct not to touch anyone with their hands in the air.
    - you say "dont worry, i have infinite ammo" during sex
    - you fire a grenade launcher of a ship in water and expect it not to blow up
    - you blow up boxes in your local hardware shop to look for ammo
    - you think everyone looks like baron samedi
    - you drop a gun and believe your invincible
    - you need to look at your watch to select an item your packing
    - you would rather play bond then get ****** with your mates
    - you can carry 100s of guns with no backback or bag at all
    - you tell your boss whilst making a hard decision, press the right button
    - Anyone without a square hands, a rectangle head, and a flat face scares you.
    - You're upset because your local gun store doesn't carry the Klobb.
    - You tried to place a remote mine on your septic tank.
    - You ever told your little brother, "Hold still so I can shoot your hat off."
    - You're able to play the two-player versus game against yourself.
    - You can't wait to get thrown in jail because the person you're standing next to will have all of the information you could ever need.
    - You're not allowed on trains anymore.
    - The only time you breathe is when you get injured.

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  3. Gulli

    Gulli Guest

    hahaha oddly enough i have just been playing goldeneye :p
  4. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Very good teh mite. I think i'm getting like alot of whats said there.
  5. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    deadset after Gears of War...

    everytime i walk thru my hallway, i peak into every doorway...

    its only a 90 degree turn of the head.........but my flatmate looks at me cross-eyed, when he says me do it...

    you know u play it too much when u start immitating some of the noises the freakin locusts make too....already started that leaving messages on answering machines........the call back is class.
  6. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    What about wanting to tea-bag? Is that normal...?
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