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Gareth Edwards

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So what do we all think about Lora's Nomination for Gareth Edwards, although the article is taken directly from the Wikipedia

The Original article can be found here

The Discussion can be found here
Has be be a huge YES.

Quite possibly the greatest scrum-half the game has ever seen. Fantastic strength, elusiveness, fitness, kick, pass, he had the whole package.

Also finished off the great BaaBaas try, which has to deserve some merit.
True legend, even has a claim to being the greatest player ever, lobviously still a difficult claim to prove but one that's been made countless times nonetheless. Very much the finest scrum half I've ever seen and his legend has rightfully been made the better for that try. A fantastic record as captain, key figure for club and country and one of the catalysts for the Lions back to back series wins in the early 70s.
I agree that Gareth Edwards should be in the Hall of Fame, he is truely a legend of the game, his name is known throughout the world of rugby....

So do we all agree Gareth Edwards deserves to be in the Hall of Fame???
Maybe we should wait and see what the others have to say first, although I'd be highly surprised if anyone objected.
my two cents (currency value: half-a-twig sterling): yes.
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