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Gasnier offer withdrawn



ARU withdraws lucrative offer to Gasnier

May 10, 2006 - 9:24AM

Rugby league star Mark Gasnier's flirtation with changing codes is over after the Australian Rugby Union (ARU withdrew its offer.

The ARU called a halt when Gasnier failed to meet its 3pm deadline for a decision on whether he'd accept a deal to join the NSW Waratahs with the lure of challenging to play for the Wallabies at next year's World Cup.

It had previously given the Australia and St George-Illawarra centre an extension to allow him to concentrate on last Friday's rugby league Test against New Zealand.

But Gasnier's manager George Mimis said, after meeting with St George Illawarra officials on Tuesday night, his client needed more time to make a decision and couldn't meet the deadline.

ARU officials reportedly felt burnt when they missed out on signing Andrew Johns from rugby league in 2004 after lengthy talks.

ARU CEO Gary Flowers made it clear the ARU felt it had waited long enough for Gasnier to make up his mind but commended his conduct in negotiations.

"Our offer to Mark was both genuine and generous, as was the deadline," said Flowers.

"Mark contacted us in March to express his interest in playing rugby, and for the past month we have had some very constructive discussions, but at all times we have had mutually agreed deadlines.

"We had made it clear to Mark that we had commitments and deadlines to honour with other people and we therefore need to move on and progress those discussions.

"We have always said we think Mark would make a big impact in rugby, and felt he would be challenged and motivated by the possibility of playing for the Wallabies on the international stage and potentially playing in a Rugby World Cup.

"Our feelings about Mark's potential in rugby have not changed.

"John Connolly, Michael O'Connor and Ewen McKenzie have all indicated that Mark has the skills, athleticism and professionalism to make a successful conversion to rugby.

"From a personal perspective, everyone who has met him including Rob Clarke and myself, have been very impressed with the professional manner with which he has conducted himself.

"We originally had a mutually agreed deadline of last week, but agreed to extend that until today.

"However it is now time for us to move on and concentrate on our other contracting priorities."

NSW Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie said he hoped Gasnier didn't have any regrets.

"I too was impressed by Mark as a person and a footballer and I thought our package matched his abilities and rugby playing potential," McKenzie said.

"He's always maintained that it wasn't about the money and let's hope he doesn't regret not coming across because Lote, Wendell and Mat Rogers certainly haven't regretted their decisions.

"I'm disappointed, but it's a complicated time of the year and I can't afford to wait any longer if I'm to finalise our future playing roster."

Are the ARU spasticated? He could have been the difference between winning or losing the next World Cup. I thought they would have learnt from not signing Andrew Johns. No offence to the current crop of rugby union talent but we needed someone like Gasnier.

Hopefully the ARU will help the Reds go after Tonga now.
yeah but they cant keep holding off all the time, he has stuffed them around quite a bit, 3 times past the deadline? where do you draw the line? he was just after money anyway, waiting to c if the dragons would give more. now he might not even get that with the dragons.
why give him a deadline??

do the ARU actually think he will 'give in' for a deadline

He will await what the dragons have to offer...........he is raising his market value

he wont sign with ARU without a counter offer - which hasnt been offered yet coz since Barret has left which has freed up cap room ,and the NRL raising the cap for 2007 the dragons have ZERO knowledge of what they can offer him

if he wanted to really play union he would of signed by the deadline

its obvious, he is fishing for the best offer - doesnt matter what brand of footy

the ARU are now looking like farking retards, coz when questioned about the deadline passing, the ARU said they would re-consider if they got a phone call - which negates any REAL deadline in the 1st place. :wall:
The ARU look desperate every time they pursue leaguies that obviously have little interest in playing union. They should just give one offer and say take it or leave it by a certain time.
What they should actually say is this:

1) You want to earn some real money?

2) You want to be play a truely international sport with a worldwide profile?

3) You want to participate in a meaningful international competition?

If so, tell us that you are interested and we will send you an offer. Once you have received the offer let us know if you are interested or not. We are not going to beg you to play for our code!
hahaha.... a bad buy if the ARU get him. what do they want with another outside back?

Rogers, Tuqiri, Sailor, Hewatt, Mitchell, Tune, Latham, Gerrard & Rathbone are all top quality outside backs so i dont see why they need another one. its one of the wallibies few strengths.

they need a solid front row. they should be pumping in the money to get scrummaging right at the lower levels to build tight five quality and depth for the elite sides. and ofcourse they need to make a national competition. much better way to spend the money in my opinion.
Originally posted by Ripper@May 10 2006, 06:43 PM
Still so sure about a deal Sanzar?
Yes, yes I am. And here's why:

Wallabies coach phones Gasnier
By James Hooper
May 13, 2006

WALLABY coach John Connolly secretly telephoned Mark Gasnier after the Australian Rugby Union formally withdrew its $750,000 offer to assure the Kangaroos centre the deal remained on the table.

After two months of negotiations, Gasnier is poised to make an announcement on his future in the next 72 hours once the star centre receives a formal offer from St George Illawarra.

The Dragons have hatched an upgraded plan to counter the lucrative union threat including offering Gasnier the five-eighth role and captaincy next season.

But switching to rugby still remains a strong possibility with the Kangaroos centre capable of pocketing upwards of $3.5 million, including sponsorships, over three years in the rival code.

The Saturday Daily Telegraph can reveal both Connolly and NSW Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie have continued to make contact with the Dragons ace over the past 48 hours.

"We spoke but we didn't speak about [the deal still being on the table], I just wished him all the best for the future," Connolly said.

"We spoke about a lot of things privately, from what the surf was like to life on the rugby circuit.

"I think there was a genuine interest from Mark about playing rugby and even though the deadline has passed you never say never.

"You don't know so we'll just wait and see, I think he's a good bloke and I think he'd fit very well into rugby."

St George Illawarra chief executive Peter Doust was last night finalising an upgraded offer expected to total $550,000-a-season.
The Dragons will offer Gasnier $450,000 as a base salary, $100,000 in third-party sponsorships, the five-eighth role and captaincy for next season.

Gasnier's agent George Mimis will meet Dragons chief Doust today where St George Illawarra's upgraded position will be officially outlined.

"I'm still constructing my offer and I will be talking to George Mimis over the weekend," Doust said.

"I'm not sure just what that will entail but I can say next week will be an important week. I'm building an offer that's got a number of components."

With the NRL poised to increase the salary cap to $4 million next season the Dragons have been granted vital breathing space but the corporate dollar still holds far greater significance in rugby union.

Gasnier's agent Mimis last night confirmed the Dragons ace stands to earn upwards of $500,000 through third-party sponsorship deals should he switch to the 15-a-side code.

This would take his total earnings from the ARU, NSW Waratahs and third-party agreements to at least $1.2 million a season.

"I would expect some sort of resolution on the issue in the next three to five days, possibly within 24 hours of receiving a formal offer from St George Illawarra," Mimis said.

"Mark is embarrassed by the amount of attention generated by his next contract and wants it resolved sooner rather than later."

Meanwhile, A painful rib injury could cost North Queensland workhorse Luke O'Donnell a NSW jersey after he was ruled out of the Cowboys' clash against Melbourne tonight.

O'Donnell, who has already been pencilled into the NSW back row, yesterday became a late scratching from the Cowboys team to make the trip south with medicos concerned about his recovery from rib cartilage damage suffered last week.

The tough second rower's withdrawal has put his chances of a State of Origin debut in limbo with Blues coach Graham Murray - also the Cowboys coach - to announce the side on Monday.

Murray admitted that O'Donnell was in doubt for the series opener against Queensland.

"That's probably 10 days away, or 11 days away, but things can change quickly with the human body, particularly when you're a tough bloke like O'Donnell," Murray said.

The series opener will be played in Sydney on May 24, giving O'Donnell less than a fortnight to overcome the injury. Even if he is selected on Monday, a less than 100 per cent O'Donnell would run the risk of being ruled out at the Blues' medicals, rather than being allowed to prove his fitness later in the camp.

The Daily Telegraph

It's pretty obvious that the ARU's big talk was just a PR exercise to appease all the traditionalists... they still want Gas, and I say he'll go.
i wouldnt be suprised at any choice he makes....comin overhere or staying there...

but a $750,000 deal?....mmm,whats that?...a house,cars,furniture,guarenteed women...and kids he can financially support...also a certain wallaby jersey at the world cup performing infront a world wide audience of a billion viewers,tv adverts and promos,business opportunities after sporting career,world wide travel....all this by playing rugby

hmmm..i know what i would take

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