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Gavin Henson



Gavin Henson has matured for me as a player and a person!!!

Ok Gav started off badly, throwing Garan Evans into the Stradey sideboards, his silver dyed hair and his autobiography that was and still is the buggest waste of reading time ever, also the bloke who wrote the book for Gav has got a reputation to spin things and I think Gav is not clever enough to write a book :blink:

However although critcised at times at the start of his period with Charlotte, I think she has been a very positive impact on him! Now done get me wrong she loves the limelight and so does Gav but when they got together the media in a way stopped the assive hype on Gav, but Gav does now get hyped regularly in the media in this Six Nations he deserved it!

He deserved the hype because of one major factor for myself! He matured because he now had become a father and had a respsonsibility in his life! Gav before this never had it and therefore quite carefree in his attitude which most people do not like!

Gatland and Edwards saw this and to prove his worth they gave him a big role as the defence captain! This in turn made sure he was more responsible to himself but also to the team! Because Gav was given this job it did improve his performances for Wales, without a shadow of a doubt! The same is true for the Ospreys he is given the same role and produces the cookies there!

At the end of the day Gav has been a tool leading up to 2005 but after that he has knuckled down and done the job without bragging about it!

Sir Speedy

Right now, after the Ospreys game, I'd say he's the most mature of the lot. Compared to Hook acting likea complete tw** on Sunday trying to catch the ball behind him, Gav was a Saint throughout (despite being outplayed by Adam Powell).
GAV - U R HAS "A-".

C A Iversen

It really does seem that Gavin has knuckled down and focused just on the rugby for a while now. Let's hope it continue and he may be a rugby name worth remembering!


Dude why would he get married with that singer Charlotte Church. She's fat and ugly.......fugly :bravo:


Dude why would he get married with that singer Charlotte Church. She's fat and ugly.......fugly :bravo: [/b]
I was under the impression that "fugly" means "f***ing ugly"?:p


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