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Gavin Henson



Self-explanatory really.

Living off one kick over a year ago, getting into the headlines of bored, lazy tabloids by the deplorable acts of describing himself as suicidal after playing like ****, and generally trying to be a footballer.

An abortion of a man.
I'll go for that.

For the comedy record;

'Suicidal' Henson blames himself

Gavin Henson blamed himself for Wales' 31-5 loss in Ireland, saying he felt "suicidal" for his performance after replacing injured Stephen Jones early.

"I've probably let myself down, let the players down - although they might not say it," a dejected Henson said.

"I was pretty down after the game, more depressed this morning. Suicidal.

"The last thing I want to do is play rugby at the moment, I feel like walking away from it - but I'll be fine when I get back out training tomorrow."

A groin injury that required surgery following the Lions tour and a seven-week suspension for elbowing an opponent means Henson has spent little time on the pitch.

Having had just one warm-up game, a Celtic League match against Border Reivers, before his return to the Test arena, Henson admits he was not ready.

"I found it tough from the first minute," he added. "It was ridiculously fast, I'd forgotten just how fast the game was at international level.

"Especially coming on at number 10, having to remember all the calls I just found it very hard and I made a lot of mistakes again - just like I did the week before.

"If you make mistakes like that at international level you get punished and it was a steep learning curve there.

"There's loads of excuses I could grab, but at the end of the day I just didn't perform.

"I'm disappointed for myself, my family, my friends, my team-mates, my coaches - and I feel I've let down the country as well."

Henson has a chance to get straight back in the saddle when the Ospreys play the Cardiff Blues at the Arms Park on Friday night.

But the 24-year-old says he needs to pick himself up first and it is touch-and-go whether he is selected in the Wales squad to face Italy on 11 March.

"I don't deserve to be in the Wales squad at the moment with my form. I haven't played any games and I'm nowhere near the level of international rugby.

"Unless things change on Friday night I can't see myself being involved again, I don't deserve to be."

After the Lansdowne Road loss the Wales camp highlighted Lions fly-half Jones limping off after 19 minutes as a major factor.

But caretaker coach Scott Johnson and the other Wales players refused to blame Henson, saying it was understandable the Osprey would be rusty in what is just his fifth match of the season.

'Inept' Wales frustrate Davies

BBC rugby pundit Jonathan Davies was not so charitable, describing Henson as "very, very poor, looked almost disinterested".

And former England hooker Brian Moore said Henson had made a bad mistake in suggesting he wanted to walk away from the game.

"If I was his agent I'd have to get hold of him and slap him about really, because obviously people hearing that are just going to say: 'Well just go away basically. Just go and be a model'," said Moore.

Scrum V: Have your say on rugby

"Really he's got to understand, or someone's got to make him understand, that with his profile at the moment those sort of remarks are going to be seized upon and they don't go down well.

"They don't go down well in general rugby parlance, but in Wales! He's going to get so much stick for that."



Wales rugby hero Henson keen to take on Charlotte in church

Wales rugby union star Gavin Henson said he is desperate for his "voice of an angel" girlfriend Charlotte Church to ask him for his perma-tanned hand in marriage.

The notoriously vain, spiky-haired player hinted that wedding bells could be in the air with wild-child Cardiff songstress Church.

Asked about the prospect of marriage on BBC television, Henson said: "She'd love to... I hope she'll ask me, but I suppose I'd better do it. We'd love a family together."

On his pre-match beauty routine, he said: "It takes two hours to get ready -- hot bath, shave my legs and face, moisturise, put fake tan on and do my hair -- which takes a bit of time.

"I need my fellow players to say I'm looking good, I need it for my confidence. It gives you a boost."

He added: "I don't want Charlotte to do my legs, she can concentrate on her own. Mine are smoother than hers!"

Child star Church, 20, made her name as a classical singer who entertained Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, pope John Paul II and US president Clinton.

However, her party-going antics have since made her a permanent feature in the British tabloid press.

Henson has spent most of this season out of action due to injury and suspension but impressively converted a penalty from distance in Wales's 21-16 defeat to France in Cardiff last Saturday.









:roflrol: :roflrol: :roflrol:

Originally posted by loratadine@Apr 8 2006, 08:52 AM
Of being the joke of world rugby?

Of being a David Beckham wannabe?

Of being a peculiar shade of orange?

Of dating a fit chav with saggy ***s?

Of being Welsh?

Of you?

by youre *****ing i take it that you are jealous. i mean honestly compare youre life with his.....

done that..... now you tell me who is the sad sack
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Apr 8 2006, 09:55 AM
Of being a David Beckham wannabe?
That's harsh.

At least Beckham was a world class player at some point in his career...
He is terrible.

He's an average rugby player, but there is no doubt in my mind that my mother can kcik his arse.
Gavin Henson in the older years
The term, lora, is "repugnant", and I think Henson is a car crash of a human being.
Originally posted by loratadine@Apr 8 2006, 04:19 PM
you lot are so repugnent
Are you Charlotte in disguise? Are you Charlotte in dis-guise...?
I think the media are to blame for hyping him up, and making him out to be a superstar.

He is to blame though for going along with it. He wanted to go on Parkinson with Church FFS! Just before a Wales game as well! If he kept his head down and got on with it, he would be alright, but he loves it. And that is why the rugby world despise him. I have only read parts of his book, but it is so up his own ass, it is outstanding. Also, that really gets on my nerves. WTF has he done to deserve a book?! I know he isn't the only one, but really, a GS and CL!

Plus, he was amazingly shite against Ireland, and then talked crap about being suicidal. For this, he deserves a place IMO.
Originally posted by loratadine@Apr 8 2006, 06:19 PM
i think england deserve a place.
So do I, but a) this a Henson thread and B) you can go and write an article on it if you want it. Remember to mention three straight losses to Ireland and France since 2004, the thrashings down under and the distinct lack of new talent being blooded. Remember the grammar though ;)
:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: to Lora. Holds to his values (whatever they are), and despite the obvious truth, stands by Henson even though he's a ****** first class.
Henson is better than most of you people give him credit for. You all know your rugby but you don't want to look past the fake tan and hair and whatnot. Incidentally he kicked a 50 metre penalty to win the match for the Ospereys today.

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