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Good points and Bad points for Rugby Games



Ok, I'll start of this thread by listing some good points and bad points about the following Rugby Games:
  • [*]Jonah Lomu Rugby
    [*]EA Rugby
    [*]EA Rugby 2004
    [*]NRL Rugby League (Superleague or SJRL)
    [*]World Championship Rugby
Jonah Lomu Rugby

Superb Playability
Excellent Tackling System
Excellent Passing system
The inclusion of a "Jump Button"
Great Offloading
Brilliant Kicking System
Genuinely Funny Commentary (Even if it was unintentional)
Brilliant laughs in Multi-player mode

Not many teams
No substitutions, injuries etc
weak Graphics
No knock ons or Forward Passes
Lack of Stadia


On PC, this had an excellent replay facility!
Bill Mclaren
Decent Passing system

Bad kicking
Unresponsive Control
Awful rucking and Scrum system
Jamie Salmon
Lack of teams
Terrible tackling system
30 foot dives for tackles
Substitutions had no effect, no reason for them!
Bandy Legged players


It gave us lot something to talk about before release
Ok choice of camera angles
The "Set play" was a good idea
Lots of teams
Lots of players
Sweet "inside ball" pass
Choice of Moves from the Ruck
Good Lineout system

It gave us something to talk about after release
Crap Graphics
Awful, truly dire animation
Kicking system
Kick off camera
Terrible Tackling
Automatic Rucks
Bad Passing
Far too easy to score out wide
Woeful Commentary (CO....WHEN) eh????
Laughable Player creation
Awful weather effects
Useless injury cut scenes
Those puddles

Bad, Bad defence

NRL Rugby League

Great Animations
Brilliant Commentary
Well implied Tackling system
Good customisation options (teams, cups etc)
Good detail (Ref counting tackles etc)
Lots of nicely rendered stadiums
Good multiplayer options!
Good system for busting tackles
Great offloading system on later difficulty settings
Hand off and Step work great
Well balanced difficulty levels
Superb Sound
Great Kicking system
It's Rugby League

Dodgy passing system
Lots of Bugs
Outdated teams before release
Camera Angles
Dodgy Graphics
No quick Play the balls
Too many High tackles
"Kick off" Bug

World Championship Rugby

Nice, well animated graphics
Good resemblence to some players
Superb Passing
Great Kicking system
Nice "Big Hit" sound and animation
Great Line-out system

The commentary....uck. Who were they????
Terrible defence system
Goal kicking.... what happened?????
Bad Ruck/scrum system
Horrible AI
Lack of Depth
Lack of Teams
No customisation
Only 4 Stadiums
No offloading.... why????

Ok, that's all I can think of for now. It would be very interesting to see what other people come up with to add to this!

Yeah.....I also agree....except you forgot that all games in the good section should have had "pre-release excitement" That for a lot of them (except Jonah) was the most exciting part.
My problem with WCR on the PC is that the bloody thing doesn't fully work. I can play matches, but can't save or load profiles, save edits etc. Does anyone know of a patch for it, becasue I've been checking since it was released and haven't seen one.

If there isn't one of course I would have to put "bugged to hell" under the bad points column for the game.
What would be worth getting more on PC, RL or WCR? The demo I played for RL was **** house.
If you played the RL PC demo I think you probably did, then don't let that influence your decision. The full version is a very different game.

RL has a lot of patches out.

WCR does not.
Originally posted by Wally@Sep 18 2004, 08:26 PM
What would be worth getting more on PC, RL or WCR? The demo I played for RL was **** house.
I've got all 3 versions of RL, (Xbox, PS2 & PC), and IMO, the PC version is the most responsive, best graphically and is superb with all the patches etc out for it now!

Finding a copy to buy over here in the UK was a pain though!
Originally posted by locksley+Sep 18 2004, 10:52 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (locksley @ Sep 18 2004, 10:52 PM)</div>
@Sep 18 2004, 08:26 PM
What would be worth getting more on PC, RL or WCR? The demo I played for RL was **** house.

Finding a copy to buy over here in the UK was a pain though! [/b]
So you buy 3, depriving two people of the game?
Originally posted by Wally+Sep 18 2004, 11:18 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Wally @ Sep 18 2004, 11:18 PM)</div>
@Sep 18 2004, 10:52 PM
I've got all 3 versions of RL, (Xbox, PS2 & PC)
May I ask.. Why? [/b]
I got a free signed copy of the Xbox version sent to me by Sidhe!

I have a PS2 which my brother sometimes borrows, he bought the PS2 version!

I bought the PC one because of the patches and upgrades that are out for it!

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